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Contemporary luxury sofas on London’s high street with Camerich

Contemporary luxury sofas from London’s high street

Have you ever wanted a sofa with that contemporary luxury look you see in glossy magazines and hotels? Do you feel it is totally unattainable?

Well, the great news is that, you can recreate that look with Camerich, a high end furniture brand with affordable prices.

(Image above is the Amor sofa)I first discovered Camerich a few years ago, when my sister was hunting for a sofa, for her new house.

She had just purchased a large and beautiful period property in North London, with the most wonderful high ceilings and large sash windows.

At that time, her children were quite young, so she needed a sofa that could withstand the rigours of a busy family life.

She wanted something understated yet elegant, so started exploring the sofas at Camerich. I was so pleased to be introduced to the brand, via her search.

I’ve recently written about my 4 steps for selecting a sofa : colour, tufted, piping and comfort. This criteria fitted well with current trends, but couldn’t all be applied to timeless pieces.

I’ve decided to add on 4 more criteria, inspired by my recent visit to a Camerich store. These are length, depth, fabric care and reupholstering options.

( Image above is the Elan sofa)Length

Obviously, the length of a sofa is dictated by the size of the room. If space is not a limiting factor, then my advice is to go for one long enough to nap on.

An alternative is to go for an L shape sofa with a corner unit for lounging.

( Image above is the Amor sofa).Depth

How do you use your sofa? Do you like using it for its obvious functional purpose of sitting upright, or do you love curling up on your sofa? If you, like I, love snuggling up on the sofa after a hard day’s work, then you should go for depths of up to 40 inches.

Camerich’s contemporary luxury sofas come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making the above choices easy.

I do realise I’m coming across as someone who loves to just sleep and relax on sofas, but why not right?Contemporary luxury sofas from CamerichFabric Care

I recently visited a Camerich store in Hampstead, North London, and found out that most of the fabrics on Camerich sofas are removable, so can be dry cleaned. This was music to my sister’s ears during her hunt for that family luxury sofa.

How amazing that you can also get a Stainguard service at their warehouse before delivery, for an extra small cost?Reupholstering options.

As most of Camerich ‘s sofas have removable covers, changing the look of the sofa is super easy. They have a beautiful range of fabric options to pick from. You can pick up fabric swatches easily from the store.

I quite fancy the idea of an Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer sofa, perhaps in different fabrics or colours. Quite indulgent right? but there is no need for buying two sofas. imagine the cost savings there.

So if you fancy that high end, interior design look at home with minimal effort, I would highly recommend a visit to one of Camerich’s London showrooms, to view their contemporary luxury sofas.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my new steps to picking a sofa. Have a lovely start to your weeks.( This is a sponsored collaborative post with Camerich, however all opinions and views in this post are my own from my visit to the store and also having personally tried the sofas. Images were provided by Camerich).

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  1. The key things for me are space and budget. Some gorgeous pieces here though

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