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Eat on the go lifestyle made easier with Curver’s SMART To Go range.

eat on the goEat on the go lifestyle made easier with Curver’s SMART To Go range.

I’m sure there is no denying that we all lead very busy lifestyles, often multitasking and possibly eating on the go at our work desk.

It’s important that we try to eat healthy on the go. Research has shown that we tend to overeat when at our work desks.

I love Curver’s SMART To Go soup container because it allows me to eat a little healthier and control my portion.Being able to plan ahead on what soup I would make for lunch, allows me to try to include as much of my 5 a day vegetable portions into the soup.

Also, soup is great, because I can make huge batches, and then store, fill and go for different days.Curver’s SMART To Go soup bowl container is microwave safe and its cover seals tightly shut for easy carriage, and can be clicked open easily on the sides when needed.

There is also a convenient little window panel to allow the steam to escape during and after heating.The large handle helps with stability when drinking the soup on the goI’ve made little croutons to put in my soup too. I’ve stored them in one of Curver’s little SMART To Go sauce pot on the goWe’ve had a heatwave in the UK, and sometimes the workplace can be steaming hot.

Along with my SMART To Go soup container, I carry my  green Dots water bottle, part of the same range.Some cool features of this bottle deserves to be mentioned, for example it is made of Tritan which is BPA  plastic free and impact resistant.

So, do you ever eat on the go and if so, how do you manage it?

( This is a paid partnership post with Curver. )

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