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Lovely Button Ups – No fuss cute decorative buttons for putting up art work and decor on the wall.

Cute buttons that are interchangeable for your wall decor by Lovely Button Ups are a genius idea.

They are so easy to use. Just apply the rough velcro sticker supplied to the wall and pop that button on.

You can definitely do away with nails or any wall hangers that are not so visually appealing.

Lovely Button UpsLovely Button Ups come in boxes of 8 buttons in 3 sizes.Lovely Button Ups wall buttons do no damageThey go so perfectly well in my colourful house. Each button size can hold up a particular weight.

So a 15mm button can hold up to 250g and 18-20mm buttons can hold up to 300g.

Lovely Button UpsSo easy to apply and remove leaving no damage to walls.

They do however advise to take care when removing from a wall that feels cold, especially outside walls or walls facing outwards.

A hairdryer to warm the surface before peeling off is best in the above scenario.

Lovely Button UpsI particularly love how you can change the button designs around.Here’s an up close shot of what the buttons look like.

These are great for me as I have so many prints to put up. It’s now even more fun doing so, as I try to mix and match the buttons with my artwork.

They would be perfect for putting up Christmas decorations, or even be given as a Christmas stocking gift.

Talking about Christmas, how is everyone doing with preparations? or is it too early?

Have a lovely week ahead.

( All photos and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell).

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