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Maison et Objet 2021 trends and colour predictions.

Hubsch interiors Maison et objet 2021 by Little Big BellI’ve just returned from Maison et Objet 2021 in Paris.

It was wonderful to be able to attend a design fair again after not being able to do so during the lockdowns. I have previously reported on the fairs annually.

To me, “Wellness, comfort and protection” as well as a sense of “nostalgia” was an overall theme and trend. Unsurprising in view of the pandemic.

Calming Lilacs, blues and earthy browns promoted that sense of wellbeing .

The light brown hues, a nod to the outdoors, was a way of bringing the comfort of the organic outdoors in.

The above pastel scene is from Hubsch interior.

I went there looking for colour, but I also noticed a lot of creamy hues, especially for sofas.

Many of them took on rounded contours and with super soft textures.

The sofas made me want to curl up and fall asleep on.

I guess they promoted that sense of ‘protection’ and ‘cocooning’ that we so yearn for.

The sofa above is from Sits furniture.

However, me being me, I still went colour hunting. One bright hue was noticeably present, and that was a bright Yves Klein blue.

These almost tree trunk like textural vases are from Broste Copenhagen.

I guess bright blue mixes really well with the brown earthy tones that are so on trend at the moment.

I’ll show you some examples of that brown and blue combination below. There are also the occasional pop of violet or lilac.

Broste copenhagen at Maison et objet 2021 by Little Big BellThis brown and blue bedroom scene is also from Broste Copenhagen.These tableware are from Elifle enamelware.Mapoeisie at Maison et objet 2021 by Little Big BellThese gorgeous rugs, a nod to nostalgia with a slightly boho vibe are from Mapoeisie.

These fabulous bed comforters are from Hubsch interiors.

Again embracing that whole wellness trend of soft comforting textures with the organic browns and pops of bright blues from the outdoors, and the soothing tones of violets or lilacs.

The more I think of it, the more I realised that these are very much the colours of the 1970s, touching the 1980s slightly.

Nostalgia was an unsurprising trend, as surely we are all longing for those bygone days of being care free and happy outdoors.

These gorgeous tiles from Viuva Lamego really brings that era to mind doesn’t it?

Here are more from Viuva Lamego. I’m really in love with those  colourful geometric tiles. Again we see the on trend earthy colours and soft rounded shapes.maison et objet 2021Since I was in Paris, I couldn’t ignore bistro chairs right?

I just love how the Parisiennes do café lifestyle, sipping their early morning coffees or drinking their evening wines in bistro cafés all over town.

The chairs from Maison Drucker are just so fabulous. I wouldn’t mind having a few for my outdoor space at home. How about you?

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this whirlwind tour of Maison et Objet 2021.

If I get the chance, I will show you some of the brands I found who embraced sustainable design too. The latter was also another central theme to the fair.

So pleased to see that many companies are now taking steps to address our world’s climate emergency.

Anyway, I will be back soon with a post on the Chelsea Flower show 2021. It’s another thing I’ve been missing since the Pandemic, as I usually report on it annually.

Have a beautiful day all. x

( all photography of Maison et Objet 2021 are copyright of Little Big Bell).

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