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MistralGin and Cuvée Mistral wine – the best of Provence in a bottle.

MistralGin and Cuvée Mistral wine – the best of Provence in a bottle.

I don’t normally drink a lot of alcohol but I do love a good Rosé wine and Gin. I recently got the opportunity to sample MistralGin and Cuvée Mistral wine, a rosé wine, and absolutely love them.

First of all, MistralGin is handcrafted and distilled with 12 botanicals, including Provençal herbs and citrus. It is a dry gin with notes of thyme, rosemary, grapefruit, aniseed and mint.

The pink colouring of MistralGin comes from the Thyme.I was also drawn to MistralGin’s gorgeous bottle label. The purple floral illustrations contrasts so well with the pink hue of the gin don’t you think?I decided to make their signature MistralGin cocktail.

Here’s the recipe:

5cl of MistralGin, half a slice of pink grapefruit, few Basil leaves, topped up with premium tonic and a handful of ice cubes.

It was so delicious and refreshing and really took me back to the warmth of Summer.Here is my bottle of Cuvée Mistral, made from Côtes de Provence rosé grapes from Cuers-Pierrefeu and Lorgues terroirs.

As you can see, I served up some Cuvée Mistral rosé for a little lunch party.

It was a crisp and fresh rosé, with notes of berries and citrus fruits.It went well with the roast chicken we made that day. I’m going to serve this on Christmas day with our Turkey meal too.

Can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of it.

You can purchase MistralGin and Cuvée Mistral directly from Majestic or Tesco.

2 Summers ago, I travelled to Provence with my family, and this is definitely making me yearn for the South of France again.

What wines will you be serving this Christmas. If you are thinking of a Rosé, then do give Cuvée Mistral a try.

( All photos are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a paid partnership post, but all personal views are my own).

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