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Experience Morning Noon Night at Soho Farmhouse.

morning-noon-night-little-big-bellA review of Morning Noon Night, the lifestyle book from Soho House.

Hello all! Apologies for the recent silence on the blog, but for those of you who follow me on Instagram, will know that I have been away in LA and Palm springs. There will be posts on sunny California to come soon.

For now, I wanted to tell you about a trip I made a few months ago to Oxfordshire. I was invited by Pinterest UK to celebrate the pre-launch of Soho House’s new book, ‘Morning Noon Night’ at Soho Farmhouse.

Soho House & Co is a private members’ club for a community of like minded, creative people. They have at least 17 Houses world wide, as well as restaurants, cinemas, spas,and shops.

The Houses are a lifestyle concept that embrace the moment one wakes up, until the time one goes to bed. Morning Noon Night reveals those elements that go into this aspirational way of living.

In the book, there are delicious recipes, gardening ideas, vintage hunting tips, advice on interior styling and more.soho-farmhouse-country-living-photo-by-little-big-bellSet on 100 acres of Oxfordshire countryside, Soho Farmhouse ( part of Soho house) is a beautifully renovated Grade II listed building.

The Morning Noon Night book allows you to experience and recreate this signature brand of living.
soho-farmhouse-roomThis is one of the guest houses surrounding the Farmhouse.

In the book, you will get to see some of the varied and beautiful interiors of their guest bedrooms worldwide.english-country-living-little-big-bellLook at this beautiful brick work and door.outdoor-country-living-uk-little-big-bellDoesn’t this space look so cosy around the fire?english-country-living-outdoors-style-little-big-bellGuests can lounge around these beautiful Boho style sofas or have a game of table tennis.

The book talks about how to dress the outdoors, create the perfect English garden and how to grow your own vegetables.vintage-furniture-soho-farmhouse-little-big-bellThe interiors and exteriors are a mix of old and new styles.

Siobhan O’Flaherty, one of their interior designers, have travelled around Europe to source prize pieces for the Houses. In the book, she shares the places she goes to for antiques, and the tactics she uses to find the best in vintage.vintage-leather-sofa-little-big-bellWant the perfect leather chair?

Then look no further, as Morning Noon Night openly reveals its sources, and give tips on how to select and refresh a leather chair.outdoor-spa-little-big-bellDoesn’t the spa area look divine?

Cowshed, one of Soho House’s brands, comprise of spas all over the UK. They also have a line of skincare products that sell worldwide.

You will find great skincare ideas and routines in the new book.soho-farmhouse-england-little-big-bellIsn’t the view stunning?english-countryside-living-little-big-bellGuests can even go rowing.outdoor-pool-at-soho-farmhouse-little-big-bellCheck out the outdoor heated pool. tequila-cocktail-at-soho-house-photo-by-geraldine-tan-little-big-bellAfter brunch, we were treated to workshops in screen printing and floral decoration, these were hosted by the talented makers of Soho House.

After the workshop, I had a Penicilina cocktail ( above). It was a mix of blanco tequila, lemon juice, ginger syrup and honey water, with crystallised ginger, to serve. Could this as its name suggested, be a remedy? I wish! The full recipe is in the book, along with many more. chocolate-cake-at-soho-farmhouseNow, the tea time cakes were in a league of their own. Imagine being confronted by a table of at least 10 different cakes.tea-time-cakes-soho-farmhouse-little-big-bell-copyNot only were they so beautiful to look at and so perfect for Instagram, but they were incredibly are lots of tea time recipes in the book, from making Devil’s Food Cake to the classic lemon tart.

There is even a page on how to make a perfect cup of tea, including a discussion on whether milk should go in first or after the tea. I must say that I have learned something new about milk and tea, do I want a creamier flavour or just milk to taste? You need to read the book to find out.

green-house-soho-farmhouse-little-big-bellIf only I possess a greenhouse as beautiful as this. soho-farmhouse-chicken-little-big-bellSoho Farmhouse wouldn’t be a farmhouse without livestock. These were the friendliest chickens ever. They ran towards me when they saw me with the camera.piglets-at-soho-farmhouse-little-big-bellMeet the Tamworth pigs. They are apparently one of the oldest breeds in the world, descended from wild boars.morning-noon-night-soho-farmhouseHope you’ve enjoyed a little tour of Soho Farmhouse. You can read more about the Design, food and drink elements of the Houses in the new book. I’ve been browsing Morning Noon Night this evening and already feel inspired to make some of their cakes this weekend.

( All photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. I was invited to Soho Farmhouse as part of press, for the book launch. all views stated in this post are my own)


  1. That place looks right up my street! Gorgeous photos darling

  2. What an amazing place! It just looks so cosy and the perfect spot to simply get away from it all. Also, that cocktail sounds divine! Yum! xxx

  3. It was such a lovely day G! I’m really loving the book as well – so many great ideas and inspirations xx

  4. Wow this place is full of design inspiration for me! Nature, boho vibes, piglets! Thank you for sharing Geraldine, I’m off to find out more about the book and see if I can one day visit this location 🙂

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