Exterior And Garden Lighting

Outdoor lights for reading in the garden by Philips Lighting.

Outdoor lights for reading in the garden by Philips Lighting.

I am so pleased that I have recently decorated my garden space. It’s been wonderful spending time outdoors.

It’s like a little quiet sanctuary for me, to unwind and relax with a cup of tea and book. outdoor lightsSince I’ve installed some outdoor lights by Philips Lighting, I no longer feel the rush to retreat back indoors, to complete my reading, as dusk falls.

As you can see, I have installed two wall light fixtures. The one above the table is the Philips Hedgehog wall lantern in die cast Aluminium. It was really easy to install and is totally weather proof.

In the far wall, leading to my kitchen is the Philips Cistus LED wall lantern in stainless steel. It casts a warm white LED light up and down for an architectural wall-washing effect.To help provide extra lighting for reading, I have also used the Philips portable table lamps.

The portable lamps have 3 modes, one for soft lighting, a brighter one for reading and a flicker mode to make it appear like a candle burning. I have written about these portable lamps in my previous garden party post.Doesn’t this look cosy? I’ve also brought a soft blanket out for colder evenings.This new space has had me feeling like I am on holiday.Those of you who follow me on Instagram,will know that I have a huge collection of coffee table books, which I use for styling.

It’s so wonderful to now get the opportunity to read them, as I unwind outdoors.What do you think of this space? Doesn’t it feel like an outdoor living room? You can see the other side of my garden, in my previous post here.

Hope you have enjoyed reading about my outdoor lights. Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.

(All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This post is a sponsored collaboration with Philips Lighting. All opinions are my own).


  1. Love this post – so helpful. I’m doing up my garden in two weeks and haven’t even thought about lighting yet (idiot!) Thanks for the inspo

  2. Looks lovely G! I especially like the look of those portable lanterns, very chic and practical too x

  3. Looks lovely G. Cosy and inviting. x

  4. What a lovely garden! Love those chairs and all the pops of colour xx

  5. The garden looks so magical and cosy, love the colours!! x

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