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Rooms Made For You by British Gypsum – 3 amazing innovations a home can’t live without.

StudyI recently attended a presentation given by Rooms Made For You from British Gypsum on 3 innovative products they have developed for the home.

The first is the Thistle Magnetic plaster which can easily be applied to any walls. All you need is 3mm thickness of easy to apply magnetic plaster. Then paint or wall paper over as desired.

The possibilities becomes endless, indeed a canvas for self expression! I love how the magnetic wall above the desk, has been painted in different tones of pastel, to create a zoned pin board look. The advantages now are that you don’t need pins, nails, tapes or Blu-tack which can ruin the walls.

All you need are magnets, which can be applied to hold up your rotating gallery of cards, notes or prints. If you don’t want to see the magnets, you could get magnetic stickers or adhere small magnets to the backs of the objects you are styling on the wall.

Magnetic-wall-in-child's-room-Little-Big-BellLove how a textured effect brick wallpaper has been applied over the magnetic wall here. Strong magnets are hot glued to the backs of the coat pegs that provide that instant hallway tidy.

Imagine how brilliant it is to be able to reposition the coat hook according to the child’s growing height. No excuses for not putting that coat away!

Here, an interactive art gallery has been created for the children’s art.Blackboard paint has also been applied for doodling masterpieces, when inspiration strikes.

What’s great about the magnetic wall is that styled spaces are interchangeable.

Living Room

Now, for the second amazing innovation, The Lifestyle wall. I couldn’t believe it until I saw and experienced it.

Imagine not having to drill, hammer or use plugs for your walls anymore, but to be able to put up heavy fittings like a widescreen televisions or shelves, by simply using a screw and screwdriver.

Well, this wall does it! A special plasterboard which allows a single fixing to support up to 15kg of weight. The screw can be inserted in a matter of seconds. As easy as that!

The shelves above are arranged on the Lifestyle wall with just a couple of screws and probably took only a few minutes to put up.

The last innovation of the three is The Silent floor, a system of superior sound insulation. I got to experience how noise changed in a room when the flooring system was applied. There was no longer the sound of the Boom from the party music or the thudding noises of kids upstairs jumping on beds. Just peaceful bliss.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. So many possibilities for the home. If only this technology was present when I was renovating my home a few years back. I am seriously considering the magnetic wall for my son’s room this Summer.

Wishing you all a wonderful start to your week!

( Day created in association with Rooms made for you. Images are from Rooms Made For You & styling by Becky Clarke).


  1. Wow! Three fantastic innovations which will no doubt change the way we decorate/ build our homes from here on in. x

    • littlebigbell

      Aren’t they amazing Hollie? I’m thinking of the magnetic wall for my son’s room. I’ll show it to you when it’s done. Hope we meet again soon! x

  2. Some great innovations indeed. I would definitely use the magnetic board, perfect my son’s room also. Sound insulation is so important in todays world. Our apartment in Sydney is an old art deco one and the noise and steps just reverberates around the rooms. Our neighbours above installed some underfloor insulation and it changed our lives!

    • littlebigbell

      Glad their sound insulation worked. Lovely to see you back here Mel, have a wonderful weekend x

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