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Selecting Victorian tiles from Original Features

I live in a Victorian house in London. I’ve always loved living in a period property.

As much as I love contemporary design, I have always sought to preserve the period features in my home, such as the fireplaces, stained glass windows and ceiling cornices.

I guess you could say my aesthetic is a combination of old and new but with colour.

One thing we didn’t inherit with our home, was a Victorian tiled external walkway. I have always looked longingly at other people’s beautiful walkways, in hope that I could get one some day too.

My realisation came true when I stumbled upon Original Features website. 

They sell geometric and encaustic patterned clay tiles manufactured in the same way as during the Victorian times. 

I certainly fell down the rabbit hole when I was browsing their website. I just couldn’t stop.

The Victorian tiles came in all sizes, shapes and there’s a collection of 25 stunning colours too.

I felt like a child in a candy store, confronted with so many possibilities.

Original Features don’t just sell the tiles, they can also help with the design.

I definitely wanted a Victorian design, in keeping with my property, but I also wanted  to include my favourite colours of pinks, blues and minty greens.

Imagine how happy I was when Original Features agreed to help me create my dream Victorian exterior walkway.

I spent ages browsing the designs on their website and finally decided on the Windermere pattern.

The next fun part was to pick the colours that would go with that design. I selected them from the tile samples that I was sent.

Original Features ‘ design team then helped me visualise the colourful design via a selection of computer generated images. 

Once the pattern was decided on, I had to pick a border that would frame the design. I decided on a pink and black border.Here is the computer generated image. What do you think?

I absolutely love it and can’t wait for it to be installed. 

I will be updating you on the progress in the next few days.

If you are interested in getting your walkway, hallway or bathroom tiled in Victorian tiles, then do check out the Original Features website and designs. 

You can also see some of the designs from their wholesale site called Olde English tiles.

I can guarantee that you’ll be hooked like I was.

Really excited to show you soon. 

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