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Thornback and Peel’s silent auction for Music as Therapy during London Design Festival 2014.


Thornback and Peel’s prints are quirky, cool and quintessentially British.

I was most excited to learn that they have upholstered three mid-century modern chairs with their new Autumn/Winter design prints, in a new colour palette.

Even better, they will be holding a silent auction for them during London Design Festival, at their Bloomsbury store between 13th to 21st September. The auction is to raise money for the charity Music as Therapy.


Music As Therapy aims to develop and use music therapy to relieve the suffering in those with mental / physical disability or those suffering from the effects of poverty.


I’m loving them all! Do pop in to Thornback and Peel’s Bloomsbury shop to support a good cause.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend ahead.


  1. ooooo I absolutely love their items! What a great idea for a silent auction for a good cause. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m a huge fan of T&P. When I visited London 2 yrs ago I went to their shop in Bloomsbury and met the designer. And ofcourse I bought a couple of tea towels and napkins I hardly ever use because I find them too pretty 🙂

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