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Urban Jungle bloggers – A green balcony or window sill.


I’ve been meaning to do an Urban Jungle Bloggers post, but have not got my act together. Thanks to Igor for encouraging me on !

Urban Jungle Bloggers was created by Igor and Judith and you can read about it here.


It helped that the recent photos I took at the Merci store in Paris fitted with this month’s topic – A green window sill or balcony.


There was certainly an urban jungle outside.


And most certainly indoors too!


How about these ‘rock band’ planters for a cool window sill ? Which one would you pick?

An old wooden crate, a stencil with some black and white paints could easily reproduce this look.


Here’s ‘The Who’ with some beautiful foliage.


Love these pinky leaves in the ‘New York dolls’ box.


A deeper box such as this would be ideal for growing herbs or vegetables.


This concrete planter by Jens Milonton is both beautiful and affordable. Shame it was too heavy for me to carry back to London.


These hexagonal concrete planters are certainly unique.


Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the little urban jungle inside Merci and found some ideas for your window sill or balcony.

Have a good week all!


  1. Thank you so much for taking me to one of my favorite Parisian stores, Geraldine! I really like it that they basically embraced the Urban Jungle Bloggers idea too:-) Hugs to you from sunny Munich!

    • littlebigbell

      A pleasure Igor! The Urban Jungle bloggers idea is really taking off isn’t it? congrats to you and Judith! xx

  2. I’m so sorry I can’t make it in time to see Les Mauvais Graines at Merci. But I’m glad you’re reporting back today with their many many green ideas, Geraldine! Thanks for playing along!

  3. Love those concrete planters you spotted Geraldine! Need to see Merci in the flesh-one day soon I hope! Cx

    • littlebigbell

      Lovely seeing you last evening Caroline! A visit to Merci is a must, especially the cake! 😉 xx

  4. I love Merci! It’s very inspiring. They certainly have got enough gear for any Urban Jungle Blogger:-)

    Nice selection. Hope you had a good Easter x

    • littlebigbell

      Thank you Tina! Yes, we had a great family Easter party. Hope you are having a good week too x

  5. I really like the concrete planter. Particularly the contrast between the grey of the concrete and the lush green of the plants.

    • littlebigbell

      I wished I could have bought those concrete planters too. Need to search them out in the UK. Lovely seeing you here Sarah! x

  6. I can’t believe how green it is! I agree that that concrete planter is to die for, love the hexagons as well. I like seeing the ferns also and it gives me an idea for my next plant. Gorgeous photos thanks Geraldine. xx

    • littlebigbell

      Thank you Mel! Looking forward to seeing your next plant idea!Have a great weekend lovely! xx

  7. Oh, they moved the red MINI! I think it’s a brilliant idea even it was kind of an icon, it’s good to change from time to time and this little jungle hits the wonderful green trend we are having everywhere now.
    You don’t have to convince me here, I’d buy everything!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Geraldine! xx

    • littlebigbell

      The yellow van is only for April I think Gudy, that red car will be back soon. I’d buy everything too if I could! xx

  8. Those rock band planters are the best! Seriously…I might have to make some up myself. Great shots.

  9. This is so great! You have such a great eye Geraldine, I loved every planter that you featured here. One day I will make it to Merci! I am determined now :). Have a great weekend lovely. xD

  10. This is such a great post. You have such a good eye Geraldine, I love all the planters. One day I will make it to Merci, if only I can find a way to lug that concrete planter home! Hope you have a lovely weekend. xD

  11. I’ve heard and read a lot about Merci, it would be great to visit there one day myself. Really love your take on this months series,Geraldine… The rock band planters are a really cool and quirky idea, but I particularly like the hexagonal concrete planters.

    Have a great week! xx

    • littlebigbell

      Thank you Hollie! Merci is definitely worth a visit. Have a great week too lovely! xx

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