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A colourful garden party for Summer with Lights4fun.

colourful garden partyad. I’ve been dreaming of a colourful garden party now that Summer is near.

Imagine sitting in the garden with the warmth of the sun, enjoying into the night with friends and family.

I was on the lookout for affordable, stylish decor that would look good day and night. colourful garden party Emma Bridgewater peach and raspberriesI was so happy to discover Lights4fun’s new outdoor Summer collection that would bring joy to a colourful garden party at home.

Absolutely in love with their lemon spring wreath and garland. I was spoiled for choice as they have a huge selection of other decorative foliage to pick from.

In line with the lemons, I decided to use a fruity inspiration for the rest of the decor.

It was perfect timing as I have just received my new Peaches and Raspberries tableware from Emma Bridgewater.colourful garden party Lemon wreathMy garden is usually quite dark with a lot of wood cladding, so the lemon spring wreath really created a fun and zesty focal point for the seating area. I went with brightly coloured cushions in stripes and geometric shapes to liven up the space.It’s often difficult to keep candles lit outdoors because of the wind.

Lights4fun’s pastel LED pillar candles and glass candles trio were the perfect solution for a long lasting candlelit twinkle outdoors.

I love the pastel hues of the candles and glass. At night, the coloured glass will look like sparkling jewels.

I’ve also placed a line of daisy outdoor micro fairy lights above the wreath.

colourful garden partyI have scattered some of the pastel coloured LED trio of pillar candles and taper candles on the table. The taper candles come with a remote control too. Don’t they all look so pretty together. When darkness falls, we will still be able to see the yellow lemon spring garland through candlelight.colourful garden partyThe wonderful thing about the candles, garland and wreath are that they are timeless design items and so can be used any time.

All the above items are for indoor use, but you can use them to decorate your outdoor space too. Just remember to bring them in at the end of the day.

If you are planning on a Colourful summer garden party, then do stock up on these gorgeous items as I have a feeling they will be flying out of the shelves quickly soon.

Wishing you all a wonderful Summer 2022.

( All photos and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a paid partnership collaboration with Lights4fun).

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