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Green velvet sofas from Habitat. Trends forecast.

Green velvet sofasThis Summer, we will continue to see all things pastel in the interiors market, in shades of pinks and blues.

As Autumn / Winter 2016 approaches, I am predicting the new season trend of green and all things velvet.

Green has been making its appearance for quite some time now, especially with the indoor plants trend, and later on, appearing as foliage designs and illustrations in wall art and soft furnishings.

I predict it will start to emerge from being the occasional accent colour to a more frontline position.

For Autumn and Winter, I am gravitating towards the cosier shades of Emerald and Sage green.

In fact, I have already acquired a Sage green sofa from Habitat.

It was so difficult to choose, just look at the variety of green velvet sofas they stock (image above).

So GREEN is BIG! and so is VELVET!!!

Velvet in all shades of colours, will be big news this Autumn and Winter too.

So I have embraced the two trends by acquiring one of those green velvet sofas ( which I will be showing you in another blog post, in the not too distant future). Habitat-trends-2016-by-Little-Big-BellI have selected a few decorative accessories to compliment my Sage green sofa.

Pinks and blues will continue into Autumn/Winter 2016. I have picked a cosy velvet pink cushion to sit on my Sage green sofa, and a dining chair set in velvet blue.

I know I have been going on about gold for quite some time now, but it is the perfect accent colour to those velvet hues. I have picked some gold storage, cutlery and a standing lamp.

What do you think? Can you visualise the room I have created ? Green velvet sofas with pinks and blues followed by gold.

Hope you have enjoyed this post. Are you tempted to get one of those cosy green velvet sofas?

I will be back soon with more colourful interiors post. Can’t wait to show you. Have a lovely start to your weeks.

Here are the liknks to the products above: 1. Rafi Black and gold metal floor lamp  2. Teal Blue Cantilevered dining chair.   3. Bocksey gold storage box  4. Regency cushion  5. Turini gold finish cutlery.

( This trends post is a sponsored collaboration with Habitat. All opinions are my own. Images are courtesy of Habitat).


  1. I’ve always loved green and I’m delighted to see so much more of it in interiors at the moment! I purchased my olive green velvet chesterfield sofa back in 2010 and 6 years later, I still love it (who knew it’d be so trendy now?! Ha!). I’m sure you’ll love yours! xx

    • littlebigbell

      Kimberly, you and Stacey are definitely ahead of the game with your green interiors. Can’t wait to show you my sofa soon. x

  2. ooh, I wonder which one you have chosen! I look forward to the big reveal. I’ve coveted a Habitat velvet sofa for decades now, but even more so with this emerald green colour. I want Abel! I think your prediction is spot on, and well done Habitat for leading the way x

    • littlebigbell

      Can’t wait to show you Molly. In fact, the one I have chosen is not in the image. Surprise coming up soon. xx

  3. Ooh I’d love me a green velvet sofa, especially Hendricks with a glass of Hendricks in hand! X

  4. I love the green trend and I’ve really enjoyed seeing it take off. My livingroom has been green for 2 years now and I love it. I can’t wait to see what sofa you chose.

  5. Ahh, green velvet is such a lush look – love the look of these sofas, G! xx

  6. Totally agree. Green is huge right now and you can’t beat a bit of velvet!

  7. Rats! I’ve just recovered mine in teal and now I so wish I had gone for a sage green instead now.

  8. I’m a big fan of velvet and have a mustard chair, the green velvet sofas look stunning!

    • littlebigbell

      Thanks susan, I can’t wait to show you my new Habitat velvet sofa in another post 🙂

  9. Lovely selection G! Love velvet!

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