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How to hang a canvas on a wall without hammer and nails

How to hang a canvas on a wall without nails. I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but have you ever bought tea towels that are just too pretty to use?I’ve got quite a huge collection at home now.

I’ve considered getting them framed professionally, but the quotes I got were just too expensive. I also don’t like the reflection from the glass of a picture frame. So I’ve decided to frame it up as a canvas.Since I’ve discovered Command brand’s wall strips for hanging up prints without the need for hammer and nails, I’ve been hooked. This is the only way I put pictures up now.

Unfortunately the strips are not as great for fabric canvases.

However, all is not lost as Command brand now sell canvas wall hangers that don’t require nails in the wall either.

To use is really simple, here’s  how to hang a canvas with Command brand’s canvas hanger:

1.Separate the strips and peel off the red liners. Press  adhesive onto the canvas hanger.

2.Now peel off the black liners.

3.Press the hanger firmly to wall for 30 seconds. Wait for 1 hour before hanging the canvas.

To remove, hold hanger in place and stretch the strip below the hanger vertically downwards against the wall for at least 15 inches to release.

Here is a site that teaches you how to make your own canvas.I’ve styled my canvas in the entryway of a large country house hired to shoot our stylings.

I picked this location mainly for its beautiful dark grey walls which I felt made the colours from the dish cloth pop.I’ve gone against all conventions by using a small and low table in a big space entryway. I quite like that ‘shrine table’ effect created.How cute is this bunny that matches the tea towel?What do you think about this idea of canvas wall art using tea towels? It would be fun to create a gallery wall with different size canvases don’t you think?Hope you’ve enjoyed this post on how to hang a canvas on a wall without nails.

You should try out all the wall hangers and strips available from Command Brand. They’re so easy to use, and no more unsightly holes on the wall.Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead.

(This is a sponsored collaboration.All styling and photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell.)

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