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13 Sep

Karen Walker fragrance – and a giveaway.


Karen-Walker-perfumes-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell It is indeed an honour for me to introduce you to the newly launched Karen Walker fragrance range A, B and C. They are currently exclusively sold in Harvey Nicholls.

I will also be doing a special giveaway. An opportunity for you, my wonderful readers to have a chance of winning a bottle from this most delightful perfume range. Karen-Walker-perfumes-styling-and-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-Bell Karen Walker is the super cool and renowned designer from New Zealand, with an amazing creative empire in clothing, accessories, eyewear, jewellery and even homeware.

I must admit that I am currently pining over her clothing and sunglasses collection.

Now adding to her prolific repertoire, is a newly launched collection of fragrances, simply called A, B and C. Karen-walker-perfumes-on-Little-Big-Bell Karen Walker has always been fascinated by how fragrance triggers and stores memories.

She started working on this new fragrance range 2 years ago and decided to make it into a trio of perfumes, a way of expressing the multiple personalities her customers may have.

She wanted to work with the best craftspeople in the world to create her range, bringing her to Charabot in Grasse, the world’s oldest fragrance house.

Let me now introduce you to A, B and C. Karen-Walker-perfume-A-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell ‘A’ is a perfume that typifies Happiness. It is a floral and fruity blend, with top notes of cassis, crushed mint leaves and grapefruit, heart notes of rose, lily of the valley, green tea and ylang ylang, on a solar musk base.

Doesn’t that sound divine? I’m wearing this scent now as I type. It really is light, fresh, fruity and minty.

This would definitely be one that I would wear in the daytime at work, topping up through the day for a fresh and energised feel. Karen-Walker-perfume-B-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell ‘B’ is feminine, ripe and delicious. Its top notes are of Bergamot, pink pepper, and grapefruit, heart notes of iris, white rose, peach and Sambac Jasmine, and base notes of patchouli, praline, tonka bean, musk and vanilla.

Wow! I’ve just sprayed some on right now. It has such depth and that musk laced with the sweetness of florals is just gorgeous.

It’s one of those scents that you would wear in the early evening. Elegant and a definite head turner as it lingers momentarily when you walk by.  Karen-Walker-C-perfume-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell ‘C’ is addictive. It truly is, I can’t stop smelling it since I sprayed it on my dress. It is an opulent scent with top notes of Gardenia, magnolia, mandarin and bergamot, heart notes of tuberose, orange flower, Sambac Jasmine and lily of the valley, and base notes of sandalwood, amber,musk and cashmere wood.

This scent is truly sensual and so perfect for date night. Karen-Walker-eau-de0parfum-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell I just love all three and as I type I have all three on. You have a chance to win a bottle of either A, B or C. So, there will be 3 winners. Which personality are you, A, B or C?

Put a comment on the blog and let me know which one you would like and why.

Have a great start to your weeks.

( All styling, visuals and photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This post is done in collaboration with Karen Walker, a product review and giveaway.)

(The winners to this competition have been selected A goes to C. Pritchard, B to G Hedley and C  to Camilla R. Thank you to everyone who have taken part.Winners will be contacted by Karen Walker’s agent )

  1. Hi Geraldine!

    A lovely read as always. Very excited about these scents – Karen Walker has such a great vibe. I think I’d probably have to go for C from the sounds of things, although A and B sound wonderful too.

    Have my fingers crossed!

    Thanks, Emily x

  2. I would say I am definitely C! I love change but when I really love something that will stay a permanent fixture in my life so much so I get addicted. The citrus notes paired with the woody undertones sounds incredible and right up my street! What an amazing giveaway! I have all my fingers and toes crossed for this one

    Khrissie x

  3. Oh A sounds divine!!! It sounds like it would smell like summer. And I for one am not ready for summer to end. Fruity and fun. Yeah it sounds like me!! Thanks girls !!

  4. I would love ‘A’, I am more of a daytime perfume person. My daughter, Anais is a very happy little soul so I would also like the bottle once it’s finished for her nursery. It’s a lovely design!

  5. Tita Azalia

    Definitely an A! I am so ready to feel the freshness and make everybody feel the breeze! *fingers crossed and praying hard for this*

    Tita x

  6. I think I’d go for “B”, simply because it sounds like a combo of “A” and “C” and, really – all three would be the icing on the cake – lucky you!

  7. Nikki

    I love the colourful packaging! So simple and cute! I’d have to say I’d go for B!

  8. Marycarol

    All sound lovely but think C would be my favourite – perfect for a night out xx

  9. Rachel Sanders

    You have a wonderful way with words which makes them all sound gorgeous, but I think A just has the edge for me.


    They are all great. I would go for A as I am happy. This would perhaps make me happier.

  11. Katy Linsao

    I was a little torn between B and C, but I think I’m a B kinda girl. I love light, feminine scents with romantic undertones. Anything a little unexpected tends to be my pick. Thanks so much for doing this giveaway!

  12. claire blaney

    I’d probably have to go for C, I love a strong & rich smelling perfume One that I can smell for age’s & the way you described it is sounds perfect for me.

  13. Michelle Best

    All sound fab – but would have to be C – addictive – the description makes me want to smell it now!

  14. Michelle Ptak

    Would have to be C, I’m sure I would be totally addicted to this perfume, has some lovely top notes!

  15. Sandra stitchell

    Wow, how to choose mm okay will go with C) but would be happy with any of them.

  16. Sarah-Jane Laycock

    I really love the versatility of A – that uplifting feel when you go about your daily business with inner confidence knowing that you look and smell good without being overpowered!

  17. Anne-Marie Wigley

    they all sound gorgeous,what a choice!! i think i’ll pick c please x

  18. Victoria Collins

    I think I’d like ‘C’ the fragrances I usually like are suitable for ‘date night’ I love fragrances can’t get enough!

  19. kerry charlesworth

    They all sound lovely, I would love ‘C’ this would totally suit my personality!!!

  20. Sharon M Webster

    How pretty are the bottles? I can’t wait to buy them & display on my dressing table. I’d have to say that A describes me best, light, fun & a little fruity ☺️

  21. Michelle H

    It’s difficult to choose, but I have to go with B. It really is an intriguing mix of notes! And as someone who has just started getting into fragrances with chocolatey and nutty notes, I love the sound of the praline.

  22. jenni stewart

    I would love A as I always try to be a happy person, although they all sound lovely xxxxxx

  23. Louise Comb

    Seriously hard choice, but I think I would slightly prefer Scent C. Those notes sound particularly heady. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  24. Debbie Skerten

    I love the sound of C. I love sensual evening perfumes and this sounds divine. x

  25. Emma Birley

    Definitely C! It sounds like quite a musky scent with all the notes in it, and I like that! Plus ‘addictive’ is a very good word, I love scents where I can just smell them all day and it completely fills your nose <3

  26. C! C! It must be C!!!

    I’m not typically your ‘perfume’ type gal. I have but ONE bottle + it is only used on the highest of occasions. I think it may have even been gifted to me sometime beyond my memory’s capacity. (yikes!!!) Ms. Walker is one heck of a lady who sure knows how to draw some serious attention. Everything from the concept to the design and packaging is just brilliant. It most certainly would be a prized possession on my (very lonely) shelf.


  27. karen cronin

    They all sound lovely but for me it would be a toss up between B & C. x

  28. anthony harrington

    I would pick A for my Wife, she adores ylang-ylang and floral scents

  29. Victoria N

    I love the sound of the notes in C, is sounds so sensual and perfect for a night out with hubby.

  30. Stephanie Coals

    definitely B – I love a more musky scent and adore any citrus in scents!

  31. Kayleigh Tanner

    I think I’m a C girl – ‘opulent’ may as well be my middle name!

  32. Caroline H

    They all sound lovely but I think I would be A. I just love fresh, light scents and this sounds perfect.

  33. lyn

    I’d go for A because it sounds like an everyday perfume. I love citrus scents too.. the grapefruit and mint sounds divine

  34. Ema J Lowe

    I would choose B, I like the smells it has plus I am very ripe at my age 🙂

  35. justine meyer

    would love to try A as it is a happy perfume great for brightening anyones day x

  36. Poppy Wilson

    I would love to try A as I work in an A&E department with no windows and I would love to have the scent of sunshine and freshness with me all day.

  37. Milly Y

    C sounds perfect for me – I love going out for nice dinners, so it’d be a great pairing for an evening adventure!

  38. Grace Hedley

    i think all those scents sound amazing like a sunny morning on a warm summers day or refreshing spring day it will be like wearing the scent of happiness. I would love to try B

  39. Gaynor Wyatt

    C Sounds Perfect I eat out very often so c would be a refreshing change

  40. Alexandra McGahey

    C sounds like the scent for me! It has many of my favourite fragrances in there and I was pretty much sold when you said “addictive”!

  41. Kate marsden

    “Addictive” is such a provocative word it got me straight away.
    The discription is outstanding so it is going to have to be C

  42. Jade Upite

    Wow! What a beautiful blog you have. Just stumbled across it from a post retweeted on twitter by the white company. I am in LOVE with your little boys room bedroom decor. Please can you come design my new home?!

    For the giveaway, I like the sound of fragrance B best, although they all sound delicious.
    Fingers crossed!

    Jade x

  43. Hey Geraldine, thanks for the lovely giveaway. Great packaging and I love the photos you took, especially the way you captured ‘C’ – I’d go for that one! Have a nice weekend!

  44. Fanny Tran

    I am probably a little of A, B and C but according to my partner I am predominantly C.

  45. Jo C

    Thanks for introducing us to some new scents. Has to be C for me! (Although B was a very close second!). Thanks!

  46. Trish Ormerod

    I would love to try C, I absolutely love the smell of magnolia in a perfume

  47. Angie Hoggett

    I think C sounds lovely, I love intense evening fragrances and this would be perfect!

  48. Krzysia

    B sounds right up my street. I love truly feminine fragrances…light and delicate….just like me:-)x

  49. Gill Mitchell

    They all sound lovely but I think B is the one that would suit me best, it sounds just like the sort of thing I like. I would feel a million dollars wearing it.

  50. Ruth Worthington

    They all sound lovely but I think I would have to choose A, with its hint of Green tea, when I was on honeymoon I used a bath oil with green tea in it and it smelled delicious and made me feel fantastic

  51. Helen Aiken

    Torn between B and C. Such a difficult choice, but think B just wins for me.
    B 🙂

  52. Sarah H

    A sounds gorgeous & would be a wonderful treat for my daughter who has just started her 2nd year at Uni.

  53. Paula Harvey

    Love the sound of B I like an elegant perfume – only thing elegant about me! 😀

  54. Jessica Hutton

    B for me please. I’m a total girly girl so I’m sure id love it xx

  55. Barbara madden

    Its got to A has a happy from the moment i wake till bed time , it takes a lot to make me unhappy and not many blue days appear , to my husband he is amazed that i am so fresh at the start and still happy singing along all day

  56. sarah

    I will go with C, Im prob more C than the other 2 but i love the sounds of how all 3 smell 🙂

  57. Lindy Hine

    Wow! they all sound gorgeous but I think that C sounds particularly fabulous so I’d go for that one! Thank you for such an amazing giveaway.

  58. Sarah Lewis

    I’m loving the sound of A as I always love to wear something during the day that gives me that extra lift to get me though.

  59. Eleanor Barley

    Definitely B, all of them sound gorgeous but B appeals the most – plus it’s my initial!

  60. Beth

    They all sound fab, but B sounds like my sort of fragrance because I love the smell of musk

  61. Cathryn CathrCatowen

    i would love to try a – sounds like it smells light and fruity like the taste of summer

  62. christy spencer

    B Sounds lovely perfect for date night with my hubby, it would be nice to surprise him with me wearing a different scent instead of my usual x

  63. George Worboys Wright

    I think I’d adore C but they all sound lovely for different moments!

  64. They all sound wonderful, and I love the packaging. I think I would choose C! and Hey, congratulations on being shortlisted in the Amara Blog awards, I voted for you 🙂

  65. joanne thomas

    i think B sound most ‘me’ although the others sound lovely too, i love a floral fragrance

  66. kelli

    definitely B! not sure if this contest is still running, since the date says the 29th, which would be tuesday, not a sunday. thought i would try anyway.

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