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How to wardrobe makeover to blend in with your interiors.

Wardrobe makeover to blend in with your interiors.

As I’m always giving my home decor a refresh, I thought it would be fun to do the same for my wardrobe.

This isn’t a post about how to streamline your life by creating a capsule wardrobe, but more to show you how I have edited key pieces to create a look that blends in with my room.wardrobe makeoverI think having a well organised and aesthetically pleasing wardrobe has the same effect on the way we feel as does our home decor. After all, they are both areas that are an extension of our personalities or what we aspire to feel and be.

For some it’s about creating a serene and calm wardrobe , but for me it’s about colour and creating that sense of happiness.To help with my wardrobe makeover, I have decided to use the Infinity range boxes from Curver. Have you ever heard of Marie Kondo ? She’s a famous Japanese organising consultant and author. I remembered once watching her You Tube video on how to organise the clothes you would usually fold.

She advocated rolling them up, to free up space, so that it was easier to find what you wanted to wear.I find stacked and folded clothing to be the messiest area of my wardrobe, and it’s often difficult to keep tidy when I’m in a rush.

So I’ve decided to banish the mess and follow the Kondo method of rolling my clothes into my Curver Infinity storage boxes.

I don’t usually like shoes in my wardrobe, but I have a few designer pairs I like to store separately.

I have used a few stacked white Curver Infinity boxes to do this, placed at the bottom of my wardrobe.The rest of the wardrobe makeover was easy. I decided to get rid of the mismatched hangers in my wardrobe and replaced them with some dusky pink and rose gold ones that I recently found.I only did a little fine editing of my clothes on the racks, and added a few pops of colour to the wardrobe shelves,using my handbags and decorative accessories.Doesn’t my wardrobe now look so tidy and very much an extension of my home decor? It’s amazing what a few storage boxes could do.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my wardrobe makeover. I will be back soon with another storage post, this time on kitchen storage. If you’ve seen on my Instagram, you’d have read about me slaving away in the kitchen to tidy out my shelves.

Have a lovely day all.

( All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. I collaborated with Curver on a sponsored basis for this wardrobe makeover post, but all creatives and views are my own).


  1. Oh Geraldine, this is the stuff of dreams!
    I loved the Marie Kondo book. There are so many ideas to implement – some great – some a bit bonkers but as with anything if you make it work for you you’re life is just that little bit easier!

    Curver baskets all the way – yay! x

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