A light pink colour match splashback for my new kitchen.

A colour match splashback for above my cooker in my new Howdens kitchen, had been on my ‘to do list’ for a while.

After much research, I found Splashbacks of Distinction.colour match splashbackThey are an established local family run business that specialises in the fitting of quality glass kitchen splashbacks.

Even better, they can colour match the splashbacks to any shade you like, and offer a personalised free consultation, survey and templating service.Splashbacks of DistinctionGetting the measurements right was crucial, because once the glass has been made, there was no going back.

Here you can see a member of the team, actually the owner ( I was truly honoured to have him visit on the job), taking great care with the measuring.Splashbacks of Distinction can either bring their stock of coloured glass samples on site or you could view them in their showrooms.If the glass colour samples don’t match, then a colour match splashback can be made to order.

I wanted one to match my pink kitchen cabinets.

Luckily, I had a colour sample of my cabinet for them to take away for the colour matching.colour match splashbackThe pink I wanted was quite a subtle shade, and looked different in tone at different times of the day.

It was quite a difficult colour to reproduce.colour match splashbackI was so pleased that Splashbacks of Distinction was able to rise to the challenge.

You can see the new splashback in the photo above.colour match splashbackThey did do quite a few test runs until they got the perfect pink shade. At each stage of the production process, the panel was also quality checked.colour match splashbackOnce ready , the splashback was carefully transported to my kitchen for the fitting.Having an experienced fitter was key to the panel being mounted and aligned correctly.colour match splashbackDuring my research, I noticed that there were companies that sold splashbacks that you had to measure and fit yourself.

I personally think that it was a risk not worth taking, and could turn out more costly when all goes wrong.The whole measuring to final installation service that Splashbacks of Distinction offered was a welcome luxury. colour match splashbackI’ve had the splashback for a few weeks now and am pleased to report that all is well and I’m very happy with it.

If you are looking to install splashbacks, then I can whole heartedly recommend Splashbacks of Distinction.

( All photography are copyright of Little Big Bell).

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