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Haute Dolci, a luxury dessert restaurant in London’s Wembley Park.

When I was invited to the newest instagram-able luxury dessert restaurant Haute Dolci, in London’s Wembley Park, I just couldn’t say no.

I loved the idea of pretty pink interiors and chocolate treats.

I know Wembley Park well, as I have recently decorated a development flat nearby ( soon to be revealed).

It’s such a vibrant area, known for its sports, music, and now a landmark for culture.

How gorgeous is this corner where we sat?

The table and backdrop are a luxury white marble, and that pink tufted wall reminds me of a French boudoir.

Right, now on to the desserts!

This is the ‘Perfect Presentation’ Choux, stuffed with whipped cream, covered in Belgian white chocolate sauce, white chocolate curls and raspberries.

The choux was fluffy and light, and the white chocolate divine.

You can also make your own desserts, and so my children decided to devise one up from the special dolci made by you menu.

We had American waffles with nutella, strawberries and Madagascan vanilla ice cream. It was so tasty and all four of us shared it, whilst sipping on Moroccan mint tea.

My son with the sweetest tooth tackled most of this Very Berry Cookie Dough.

It was a chewy warm milk chocolate cookie dough with fresh strawberries, topped with warm Dolci milk chocolate and milk chocolate curls.

All the chocolate treats were amazing, but we thought we’d picked something non milky and refreshing for the last treat.

We chose Tropical Sensation that comprised of a mix of exotic mango, lemon and raspberry sorbet with fruit sauce.

We had an amazing experience at Haute Dolci in Wembley. the perfect afternoon tea treat on a rainy London day.

The Cherry blossom tree above, comprise a real cherry tree trunk. Those blossoms are the perfect instagram selfie backdrop.

A little heads up that Haute Dolci will be celebrating the upcoming World Chocolate day on July 7th 2021, and they will be serving up some special creations.

( All photography are by Little Big Bell)

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