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Fantastic Services domestic home cleaning review.

fantastic services reviewToday, I’d like to introduce you to Fantastic Services. I have always regarded getting some Domestic house cleaning help a luxury that I could live without. In fact, between my husband and I, we’ve been doing it ourselves for as long as I can remember.

As it had become the norm for me, I never sought to explore how having some help could impact on my quality of life.

Then one day last week, I got to try out Fantastic Services’ one off domestic cleaning package. We had just returned from our holidays in Greece, and have gone straight back to work.

The house was feeling a little bit neglected. The kids were on their Summer holiday break, which meant more mess at home.

We had 2 cleaners for a whole 8 hours at our home.

It was a revelation, as they focused on those areas in the home we had put off cleaning.

It actually felt like a weight being lifted from my shoulders.

To think back to the days after a busy shift at the hospital, and having to come home to vacuum the 5 floors of our house into the night.

fantastic services reviewThe cleaners worked diligently throughout their shifts. They vacuumed, dusted and wiped all surfaces in a methodical fashion.

There’s usually one person tackling the hard to clean areas, whilst the other does the overall general cleaning over a wider area.

fantastic services reviewThe oven ( as I’m sure for most people) is often a neglected area to clean, probably because it really needs the good old elbow grease to get it perfect and shiny.

This lady from Fantastic Services was an expert in oven cleaning. She was scrapping and scrubbing with the energy I don’t even think I have.

fantastic services reviewAs you can see, our oven was pretty grimy, but it was unbelievably sparkling once the lovely lady at Fantastic Services finished with it.

Now that felt good. another little weight off my shoulders.

fantastic services

The ladies worked hard over those hours, but did take breaks too ( and rightly so).

Can you believe that I’m converted? I have now actually booked for a fortnightly service with them, to include the dreaded ironing too.

I also joined their Fantastic Club for £89 a year. This gives you £300 worth of credits to use over 10 different services.

Fantastic Services does not just provide domestic cleaning but they can do a variety of tasks from garden maintenance, to moving to storage, carpet cleaning, to handyman jobs and more.

Now I feel I have more time to do other things. It’s nice to be able to offload some of my to do list. I will be feeding back about my regular domestic cleaning service once it starts in August, so watch this space.

If you would like to try Fantastic Services yourself, then you could register in my special link here that will give you a £10 credit in your virtual wallet.

Have a beautiful day all. x



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