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Shopping in Copenhagen

Royal-Smushi-cafe-CopenhagenI thought I’d give you the final tour of some of the other places I visited in Copenhagen. First up, the renowned Royal Smushi cafe, a pre-requisite stopover for lunch or tea.

Smorrebrod-open-faced-sandwich-Royal-smushi-cafe-Copenhagen-photo-by-Littlebigbell.comThe word Smushi has been derived from ‘Smorrebrod’ (the traditional Danish open faced sandwich) and ‘Sushi’.

Royal-Smushi-cafe-Copenhagen-open-sandwiches-on-littlebigbell.comServed on Royal Copenhagen platters, they looked stunning and were bite-sized delicious.

Royal-Copenhagen-cupsNext door to the cafe was the Royal Copenhagen store. Three floors of porcelain heaven! On display were this season’s Blue fluted cups with their delicate floral prints.

Royal-Copenhagen-plates-photo-by-littlebigbell.comThese lace plates are so dainty and beautiful. If you want to learn how to paint these beauties, they do run ceramic painting courses in store.

Royal-Copenhagen-beakers-photo-by-Little-Big-BellBrightly coloured silicone provided a contemporary twist to these porcelain beakers.

Hay-house-CopenhagenA short stroll down was Hay House with its two large floors of furniture and accessories.

Pink-tablecloth-Hay-DenmarkThis pale pink ‘Dot” table cloth caught my eye. It is so beautifully contrasted against the copper candlestick holder and fresh yellow-green foliage, an ideal display for brightening up this so evident end to our Summer.

Hay-shop-Copenhagen-on-littlebigbell.comThis modular sofa provided that much desired curl up comfort but with style.

Hay-store-Copenhagen-on-Little-Big-BellBoxes perfect for my office space, for storing all those decorative accessories I own. I’m sure those who follow me on Instagram know what I mean.

Ceramic-pots-at-Hay-Denmark-photo-by-Geraldine-of-littlebigbell.comThe speckled and marble effect on these pencil pots are so cute. They look great grouped together.

Ronan-&-Erwan-Bouroullec-drawings-Little-Big-BellI didn’t leave Hay house empty handed. I bought Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec’s book after being inspired by their prints displayed against this blue wall.


There was even a children’s section in Hay house. Those cat hangers are so sweet and I have a similar elephant in green. They are by Andreas Linzner, all unique in vintage fabric.


This geometric pattern is from the wall of Stilleben. Another must visit store. I was particularly drawn to the colours, the Autumn/Winter tones that I’m currently favouring.


If I had more luggage room, I would have bought these alphabet prints by Leise Dich Abrahamsen.  My favourites are the lilac and orange.

Hope you have enjoyed this post. I’m now gearing up for the London design festival. Have a wonderful weekend x


  1. So fun that we loved some of the same places. HAY HOUSE and Stilleben are both just gorgeous! And meeting you at Royal Smushi was very nice too 🙂 Have a great Friday! xx

  2. Mmm, that food looks great. I really like the blue and white dinnerware and wish I had a living room big enough to accommodate that modular sofa… Looks like a fab trip. Have a lovely evening xo

    • littlebigbell

      Thank you Carole, I’d love that sofa in my house too, if only I have more space. Happy weekend lovely x

  3. A great post Geraldine, I so want to go there now! And great to discover Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, very inspiring. I’ve been meaning to say how gorgeous your blog redesign is,it looks fantastic! Be lovely to see you if you’re at Top Drawer. Hope all’s good with you, see you soon, Silk xx

    • littlebigbell

      Thank you Silkie and lovely to hear from you. I’ll see you on Sunday. Have a great weekend. x

  4. I just love, love, love your pictures from HAY house, Geraldine! Thank you for giving us all such a detailing insight into your Copenhagen travels, adventures and recommendations. x

    • littlebigbell

      Thank you Will. I’m pleased you enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing you in LA soon. Happy weekend x

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