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What makes a great home security camera?

What makes a great home security camera for your home?

Last Summer, a lady stole the faux lavender pots from outside my house. It was done in an unbelievably brazen manner. She calmly lifted the pots as if they were hers and walked away in broad daylight.

It was all captured on my neighbour’s CCTV camera.

That footage went viral on Twitter and it got to the point where investigative journalists were going to publish the story in local papers to help me hunt for the missing lavender. I deleted the tweet as it was getting crazy!

I did finally find out out who the lady was and she literally lived 5 mins from my home. All thanks to the security camera footage.

Anyway, the good news was I got my expensive lavender pots back.

Since then, my house has become Fort Knox from various interventions.

One of my most recent security installations is a eufy security camera. Mine is called the eufy cam 2C camera.

This camera is amazing on several levels and below are the reasons why:

(If you are looking to buy a home security camera, then this is the list you need to compare against).

1.The camera is wireless, controlled via an app on your phone and super easy to set up.

2.Aesthetically it’s a beautiful and elegant design.

3.It has a 180 day battery life which means no need for constant recharging or indeed climbing up and down ladders to retrieve and replace.

4.It’s IP67 waterproof which means there’s no worry about it being outdoors.

5.There’s no monthly subscription fee to pay.

6.It has local storage which can store up to 3 month’s worth of recordings.

7.Because all data is stored locally, user’s privacy is protected.

8.The camera detects human motion and alerts you appropriately.

9.The image is amazing at 1080p resolution.

10.Can also be placed indoors and sits well on surfaces. Can be moved around to where it is needed.

11.Allows for voice interaction and there’s also a spotlight that you can turn on via the app.

This is a brilliant piece of security kit and definitely a security camera worth investing in.

You can purchase it on Amazon for £229.99 and there’s currently a £40 off on the product page until end of January 2021. However, if you quote EUFYBELL , then you get an additional £20 off, so you only pay £169.99. My code is valid till 7th February 2021.

So, if you are looking to buy a security camera, then the EUFY checklist is one to compare against and I’m sure you’ll agree that it comes up favourably.

I’m happy that it has given me peace of mind. I’ve had my camera watching my wreath during this Christmas gone by,  as there were quite a few thefts around my locality.

Hope you’ve found this post useful. Wishing you a wonderful day.

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