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Alt-Summit-Winter-2015-business-card-Little-Big-Bell Tomorrow I’m flying off to Salt Lake city in Utah for the American blogging conference Alt Summit. I have always wanted to go and so decided to bite the bullet and book my ticket last October.

I am full of excitement to meet new people, collaborate with new brands and to generally have a fun time. However, I must admit I’m also pretty nervous.

Alt-Summit-2015-SLC-business-cards-Sparkle-and-shine-for-Little-Big-Bell New year new start, and since I was going to Alt, I decided it was time to redesign my business cards.

I wanted to have a post card sized card which the recipient will keep and make use of.

Little-Big-Bell's-business-cards-Alt-Summit-2015-designed-by-Studio-Sarah-London I enlisted the help of my friend and favourite designer Sarah Silver of Studio Sarah London.

Together, we came up with a card that had an inspirational saying in gold foil. Sarah sent me a variety of fonts to select.

I wanted it to be a good quality card that won’t be discarded after the conference, but can be displayed or framed.

They come in dusky pink, lilac, pistachio green and cream.

Little-Big-Bell-business-cards Almost forgot to show you my old card, designed by the talented and lovely people at Flourish Studios who also designed my website.

The old cards are pinned on a cylindrical cork board stand designed by FX Ballery from Designer box.

Do check out Designer box with their concept of a surprise monthly gift in the post for a small subscription fee.

Cards-designed-by-studio-Sarah-for-Little-Big-Bell-for-Alt-Summit This time round, I decided on minimal information. No telephone numbers as this often becomes outdated.

Pretty-pastels-Little-Big-Bell Here’s some fun styling with my new cards. I’m sure you can tell I love all things pastel and shiny.

Alt-summit-Winter-2015-Salt-Lake-City-Business-cards-designed-by-Studio-Sarah-for-Little-Big-Bell Those doilies are just so cute!

Sparkle-and-shine-business-cards-Studio-Sarah-Little_Big-Bell The cards are now all sealed in gold and bright pink envelopes, ready for giving.

A big thank you to the talented Sarah for designing these cards for me. Do check out her shop for the most beautiful stationery. Even better, I hear it is now on sale!

Right, I better go off to pack for Salt Lake City. Do follow my adventures there on Instagram. Happy week ahead! x

Flower-petals-by-Little-Big-Bell Last weekend, I visited Columbia road flower market in East London. As you can see from above, I bought some Tulips and Ranunculi.

I had plans for these flowers but unfortunately they drooped and the petals all came off. I loved the painterly effect on the purple Tulip petals, so decided to photograph it.

Behind every little  setback, there is a sun shining story. So here it is :

En route to the flower market, I passed a flea market in Brick Lane. It was there that my eyes caught sight of a set of vintage teacups, saucers and plates.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it and hoped they would still be there when I returned. They were! Yay! I have created today’s post to show you my tea set.

English-tea-party-styled-and-photographed-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-Bell So here it is! It is a set of fine bone China from Windsor. Very simple but oh so sweet! I loved the dainty pale Turquoise dots and the gold rims.

We celebrated my set with a little tea party at home.

Windsor-fine-bone-china-teacup and Laduree-Little-Big-Bell That Laduree pink sugar coated macaroon looked perfectly at home with my teacup.

French-fancies-English-tea-party-Little-Big-Bell I do find French Fancies a bit too sweet, but I just had to get them, you see why don’t you? It goes so well with the blue dots on the plates. My little son, the sweet tooth, of course reaped the benefits.

Laduree-tea-Little-Big-Bell Fine bone china deserves fine tea. So here we have three varieties of the most delicious blends from Laduree. Hints of Bergamot, citrus and caramels, a real pleasure to drink.

Vintage-Windsor-fine-bone-china-for-an-English-tea-party-Little-Big-Bell-blog Here it is again.

Naked-floral-cake-styled-and-photographed-by-Little-Big-Bell I took the opportunity of a tea party to make a mini naked Floral cake. Remember my blog post on how to make it?

Floral-naked-cake-styling-and-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell So pleased to have finally attempted to make one.
Naked-floral-victoria-sponge-cake-Little-Big-Bell The cake was adorned with Roses, Carnations and Rosemary foliage. I also added some sweet blueberries and raspberries on the whipped cream.

English-tea-party-on-vintage-china-styling-and-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-Bell No English tea party is complete without Cucumber finger sandwiches and scones with clotted cream. I can truly say we were very full after this party.

Floral-cake-styled-and-photographed-by-Little-Big-Bell Hope you like my tea set and tea party? The 22 piece set was a bargain at £18.

I’m off to Salt Lake City next weekend, but will hopefully be back with a post before then, to show you a really cool collaboration. It is with one of my favourite brands.

Have a great week ahead!


kate-spade-west-elm I’m off to the U.S in a few weeks’ time, so have been browsing online some of my favourite brands.

So excited to see that two of my favourites, Kate Spade Saturday and West Elm have collaborated on a Home range.

The colour palette in shades of blues and yellows with reds is a sure winner.

Cushions-Kate-Spade-Saturday-and-West-Elm-featured-on-Little-Big-Bell Here is the wonderful cushion collection. I’m loving the yellow and blue geometric Shifting shapes  and Splatter cushions. I think they would all look great together as a set of four.

Kate-Spade-Saturday-and-West-Elm-chair-featured-on-Little-Big-Bell This retro wing chair in a deep blue splatter print fabric looks great with bright shots of canary yellow, such as the Yellow sun wall art in the photo below.

Kate-Spade-and-West-Elm-on-Little-Big-Bell I’m liking how the whole collection with its colours in darker and lighter tones, can be mixed and matched to create a cohesive look.

kate-spade-saturday-and-west-elm-collaboration-featured-on-Little-Big-Bell This ‘Sleep in’ mirrored wall art is one of my favourite pieces in the collection. I’m buying it when it gets to the London store.

Kate-Spade-Saturday-and-West-Elm-Galaxy-bedding-set-featured-on-Little-Big-Bell Now that Christmas is over, I’m already thinking ahead about a Spring refresh. The Galaxy sheet sets above are perfect.

Kate-Spade-Saturday-and-West-Elm-Chambray-diagonal-duvet-featured-on-Little-Big-Bell and so is this pale blue chambray duvet set.

Kate-Spade-Saturday-and-West-Elm-featured-on-Little-Big-Bell For those who love warmth in the bedroom, this floral duvet in painterly strokes could be for you, with added Habenero reds to the blue and yellow palette.

I’m looking forward to seeing the collection when it reaches London, and will peek in at the U.S store when I’m there.

Happy weekend all!

( All photos are from West Elm )

Stylish-boy's-1-bedroom-monochrome-Scandinavian-photo-and styling-by-Geraldine Tan-Little-Big-Bell.jpg Hope you’ve all had a fun Christmas holiday. It was wonderful for me to have time off work to spend with the family.

My son was very lucky this year to receive a laptop computer for Christmas.

I have been wanting to order a String shelving and desk system for his room to create a dedicated work space but it suddenly came to me that I could convert his bedroom shelves (photo above) to a work area.

Work-nook-children's-room-Little-Big-Bell Here it is!

kid's-workspace-nook-Little-Big-Bell The shelves were deep enough to provide adequate desk space and luckily it was at the perfect height for him.

Kid's-workspace-styling-and-photo-by-Little_Big_Bell I decorated his wall with a few postcards, brought over his Anglepoise lamp for work lighting.

Boy's-room-workspace-Little-Big-Bell I was so pleased that M loved his work space. It’s amazing how spaces in the home can be used flexibly, if only one looked hard enough.

It took a laptop computer to inspire me to look. What a great investment, it’s now saved me from spending on an expensive desk system for at least a year or two!

Kid's-workspace-DIY-Little-Big-Bell Here’s the little man himself, enjoying his wonderful gift from Santa.

Hoe you’ve enjoyed this post, have a wonderful start to your week!

Boy-bedroom-makeover-for-Christmas-Little-Big-Bell One more day to Christmas! The house is buzzing with excitement! As promised on Instagram, I would show you my son’s festive bedroom makeover.

Christmas-for-kids-Little-Big-Bell Do you remember his last bedroom makeover, a Breton theme? A little fine tuning here and there with some festive touches and ……….

Boy's-Christmas-bedroom-Little-Big-Bell Here it is! The red checked duvet cover is also from The White company, as is the Christmas banner.

Christmas-bedroom-styled-by-Little-Big-Bell That Vanilla and Peppermint candle on his bedside table is from Anthropologie and smells so delicious.

Merry-Christmas-from-Little-Big-Bell Our Christmas crackers this year are from the Conran shop.

Happy-Christmas-bedroom-Little-Big-Bell Little M’s Christmas striped pyjamas from the Little White company is all laid out on his chair ready for this evening.

Christmas-bedroom-decor-Little-Big-Bell Tomorrow you will see some table styling on my Instagram.

Happy Christmas friends!

Christmas-wreath-by-Geraldine-of-Little-Big-Bell I have never made a Christmas wreath before and totally relished the challenge. My Christmas table this year is going to be a snowy natural theme, so I went out and bought loads of flowers today, some of which I used for the wreath.

Christmas-wreath-by-Little-Big-Bell Here it is! What do you think?

Christmas-wreath-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-Bell Here it is at the door. I’m so enjoying showing you what I’m doing in the build up to Christmas. Hope you’ll follow my fun.

Happy Christmas again! x

Christmas-tree-stars-by-Little-Big-Bell 2 more days to Christmas! Wow, I’m posting more than ever.

Christmas-stars-Little-Big-Bell Wishing you all a Merry Christmas now, in case I don’t get round to posting more, despite the intention.

I thought I’d show you the gift wrapping I did for Christmas this year.

Christmas-gift-wrap-ideas-by-Little-big-Bell Christmas need not always be a red and green palette, although admittedly, I do love those classic colours.

I have decided to wrap my children’s gifts in my favourite pinks, blues, yellows and gold.

Christmas-gifts-by-Little-Big-Bell I bought my wrapping paper from Paperchase in London, a combination of stripes, geometrics and polka dots.

Stripes-and-polka-dot-gift-wrap-Little-Big-Bell The beautiful ribbons are from my friend Jane Means’ store.

Christmas-2014-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-Bell Hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

I’m not totally signing off from the blog and will still be updating. Do follow my Christmas adventure on Instagram too.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas.

Merry-Christmas-2014-from-Little-Big-Bell I can’t believe it’s only 3 more days to Christmas. Pre christmas each year, I would make a festive sweet.

Last year, I made shortbread cookies with my son. This year I decided to make Candy cane peppermint bark.

They are delicious with coffee after your Christmas meal and great as a festive gift too.

Peppermint-bark-chocolate-recipe-Christmas-by-Little-Big-Bell The recipe is really simple.

1. Melt thick chunks of cooking Belgian white chocolate in the microwave for around 20-30 seconds.

2. Remove and stir.

3. Place the candy canes in a Ziplock bag and bash it to chunks with a rolling pin.

4. Mix the crumbled candy into the chocolate mixture but save some for later.

5.Line a pan with non-stick foil. Pour chocolate onto foil.

6. Scatter more of the broken candy on top. Place in fridge and this will solidify in 15-20 mins.

7. Remove and break chocolate up to desired sized chunks.

Peppermint-bark-recipe-Christmas-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-Bell Simple as can be and so delicious. I must admit I did this at midnight and whilst I was bashing away at the candy, it did cross my mind that my neighbours may have thought someone was trying to break in. Apologies if you are my neighbour!

Peppermint-bark-as-a Christmas-present-Little-Big-Bell Here’s one my son took as a gift for his best friend for a play date. Just add some fragrant rosemary sprigs and a gift tag.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I will actually be swiftly back on Tuesday evening to show you some of my Christmas preparations. Have a lovely week! x

Baubles-in-baubles-DIY-Little-Big_Bell This weekend was very busy for me as I was on call for the hospital. I managed to squeeze in a short time at home, making Christmas decorations with the kids before going back to do another ward round.

I bought a big box of clear baubles this year and let the kids fill them with colour.

Here is one filled with mini baubles, made by my son.

Christmas-bauble-2-DIY-by-Geraldine-Tan-of-Little-Big-Bell-blog This glittery star bauble was made by my daughter. She dabbed some clear glue to the inner walls and shook the stars all around, making a pretty pattern.

Little-Big-Bell's-Christmas-DIY-2014 Here they are suspended.

Clear-bauble-DIY-2-styled-and-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell I love the combination of rose pink and gold, so these are the ones I made.

Christmas-bauble-DIY-2-by-Little-Big-Bell Colourful confetti stars.

Festive-Christmas-baubles-DIY-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-Bell You can fill the baubles with anything you desire. Simple, fast and a great festive thing to do with the family.

Wishing you all a great week ahead.

Christmas-card-Little-Big-Bell Can you tell from all my festive postings that I’m so excited for Christmas? Yes, I absolutely am, like a child waiting eagerly for Santa Claus!

A few months back, I participated in a bloggers’ styling competition ran by West Elm in London, organised by the Urban Jungle bloggers and sponsored in part by At Mine.

Thanks to all your support and votes, my styling partner Kate Baxter and I WON the challenge!

At Mine is an online community for home and design lovers, where members share their real homes.

They have opened the registration to my readers for a week, so if you want a snoop around design bloggers’ homes, do register here.

They have also done an interview with Kate and I, so do pop over there to read it if you like.

West-Elm-candle-1-Little-Big-Bell Now, you may wonder what we won? £100 in vouchers each, to spend in West Elm. I was so excited!

I decided to style a festive breakfast with my purchases.

So, to set the scene, I lit my Pinecone and Thistle candle as Christmas carols played in the background.

Christmas-breakfast-Little-Big-Bell The festive theme was in red and white. I bought a set of red enamel plates and cutlery to go with the desired look.

West-Elm-London-Market-mugs-styling-and-photo-Little-BigBell The Brooklyn mugs above were my absolute favourites.

I must confess, I may have bought the last four!

West-Elm-Lemon-and-Lime-marmalade-andspoon-rest-photo-and-styling-Little-Big-Bell Breakfast consisted of some delicious Sourdough bread from our local artisan bakery, Gails. The marmalade set from West Elm was simply delicious.

West-Elm-Spiced-marmalade-Little-Big-Bell Here’s the Christmas spiced version and no festive breakfast is complete without mince pies right?

West-Elm-London-Christmas-table-Little_Big_Bell Hope this post has got you in the mood for Christmas?

Wishing you all a lovely week.

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