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Bronte-by-moon-Herringbone-throw-from-John-Lewis-styled-by-Little-Big-Bell I was really excited when I saw the muted pastel tones within the John Lewis Natural Texture Edit collection.

They were all my favourites, from duck egg blue to dusky pinks and minty greens. Inspired by the colours, and after a not so small shopping trip, I decided to style up a further curated collection at home.

That Duck egg Bronte by Moon Herringbone throw is so soft, and such a sweet contrast against my pink Ercol chair.

I also love how the pink tones on the Southwold cushion is accentuated by the chair.

John-Lewis-Natural-textures-edit-styled-and-photographed-by-Little-Big-Bell So you can see why it wasn’t a small shopping trip. Not content with just one pillow from the collection, I also bought the larger Haze cushion.

After all, they look great together as a pair. Loving the artwork on them too. Impressionism is the new bold painterly strokes of last season.

Mint-sofa-Little-Big-Bell Here’s all my favourite colours together on my mint Designer’s Guild sofa.

Desk-styling-by-Little-Big-Bell ‘Always do what you are afraid to do’, a saying after my own heart. This beautiful inspirational card (and many more in the photos below), was a lovely gift from Eva Jorgensen, owner of Sycamore Street press.

This Frankie oak task lamp, also from John Lewis, got my vote because it exuded a relaxed vibe that paired perfectly with pastels, such as this pale blue Croft pen pot.

John-Lewis-Croft-range-Natural-Textures-edit-styled-by-Little-Big-Bell Styling with colours, shapes and textures are one of my favourite things to do to unwind. Mixing softer tones with brighter shades is so much fun.

I have converted this putty coloured Croft mug into a plant pot and love how the introduction of a very neutral tone with foliage is able to further soften the look of pastels.

Sycamore-Street-press-card-styled-by-Little-Big-Bell In true Little Big Bell style here, we have the marriage of candy brights and muted pastels.

Colourful-storage-boxes-Little-Big-Bell Playing with pastel tones here, mixing patterns with my boxes from Hay of Denmark.

What do you think of Honore de Balzac’s quote?

Croft-collection-mugs-John-Lewis-styled-and-photographed-by-Little-Big-Bell I must say, I am absolutely smitten with the Croft collection at John Lewis. Just look at those chalky shades on the mugs. Even the colour names sound divine, Lake Blue and Clover.

Did you spot my new mug stand? It was the Teal that did it for me.

Decorate-with-indoor-plants-at-home-Little-Big-Bell I never got round to showing you all the greenery I acquired from the Red magazine and Joy of plants event that I helped style last weekend. So here’s a peek.

The beautiful box of succulents were specially created for me by the talented Ian Drummond of Indoor Garden Design.

I have styled my plants with this tall green crackled pitcher vase which reminded me of sunny Thailand. I remembered buying Celadon pieces from Chiang Mai many years ago and this vase brought back happy holiday memories.


John-Lewis-green-crackled-pitcher-vase-styled-by-Little-Big-Bell Here’s the aerial view.

Decorate-your-own-cupcake-party-Little-Big-Bell Those who follow me on Instagram, know that there is always a party in the Little Big Bell household. So when I saw the Croft collection Arundel pinch pot paddle tray, I instantly knew what I was going to use them for.

Sprinkles and toppings came to mind. Perfect for a make your own cupcake or ice-cream topping party.

Colourful-sprinkles-cake-2-Little-Big-Bell Talking about sprinkles, I thought I’d end the post with my son’s birthday cake from last week.

Wishing you a wonderful start to your week.

Johnnie-B-Teen-Boden-Mara-dress-Geo-hearts-on-@stylebyjj-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell My daughter Jojo (@stylewithjj on Instagram ) and I spent a fun Sunday morning out in Shoreditch, taking photos of her new Boden dresses from the Johnnie B range for teens.

I have always loved Boden clothes and both my children grew up wearing Mini Boden, so we were thrilled to do this joint post on our favourite brand.

The dresses and shoes that Jojo wore were selected by herself.

Here, she is wearing the Mara dress with Geo hearts.

Jojo-@stylewithjj-in-Boden-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell I asked Jojo why she chose this dress and here’s her answer:

” I have always adored my Mini Boden dresses and this dress has the elements I love about Mini Boden, with its bright colours and strong prints. However, it also makes the right transition for me into my teens. It’s just perfect for parties and I’m loving its prom feel. I can’t wait to wear it when I go off to Asia this Summer. Perfect for those poolside evening parties. To complete the look, I would wear rounded sunglasses. I have the perfect pair of shades from the Mini Boden range which I have kept all these year.”

Mara-dress-Johnnie-B-Boden-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell Like Jojo, I absolutely adore this bold heart shaped print. Beautiful when contrasted against this minty wall.

Shoreditch-photoshoot-Boden-dress-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell The bright pink straps and belt provide the cutest accent colour against the print of the dress.

Little-Moose-unicorn-necklace-and-dress-Johnnie-B-Boden-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell This is how Jojo has chosen to accessorise her Boden Mara dress.

Unicorn, it seems, is very on trend this season. A bit like the Pineapple trend of last Summer.

This necklace is from Little Moose and the bright pink tail and mane of the unicorn so perfectly compliments the straps of the dress.

Johnnie-B-sandals-Riviera-suede-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell Yes, we will be off to Asia this Summer, so pretty footwear is a must for pedicured toes.

Jojo picked these suede leather sandals. Love how the straps cross over at the ankles. Because it is so minimalistic in its look, that bright pop of blue looks great with bold prints and can be paired easily with pastel tones, such as the candy pink of her nails.

Johnnie-B-Greta-dress-on-Jojo-@stylewithjj-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell Here, Jojo has selected the Greta dress with a Dusty Lilac coastline print. Again, I asked her why she picked this.

Here’s her answer: ‘”This dress takes me back to when I was 7 years old, I love how it gives me that nostalgic feel of previous Summers spent overseas and also in Cornwall by the seaside. The thin material of the dress makes me feel light on my toes and I just love the pretty frills at the neckline.”

Johnnie-B-Summer-dress-modelled-by-Jojo-for-Boden-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell Such a sweet dress with the perfect mix of lights and brights.

Fox-pendant-by-Little-Moose-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell This Hazel cardigan in orange is just the perfect colour against the aqua and pink tones of the dress.

Jojo has picked this cute acrylic fox necklace from Little Moose which matches with her cardigan.

Boden-dress-and-ring-by-Little-Moose-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell And why not throw in a chunky triangle ring in sunshine yellow too.

Jojo-@stylewithjj-modelling-Boden-on-Little-Big-Bell Jojo and I hope you have enjoyed this joint mother – daughter post. Again, I’m proud to say that Little Bell is back blogging with Big Bell.

Wishing you a lovely week. I will be back hopefully this weekend with a new post. I might be challenging myself with styling in neutrals. Invariably, colour will creep in, but let’s see how I do. So do keep an eye out for the new post. Till then, have a good day!

Painted-pastel-egg-cups-DIY-by-Little-Big-Bell This weekend has been both colourful and busy.

A few weeks ago, I was asked by both the The Joy of plants, part of the Flower Council of Holland and Red Magazine to style a kitchen in an event to showcase the Happy Life Trend.

The event was designed to show consumers how inspirational and versatile houseplants can look in the home.

The Happy Life trend is all about taking a lighter approach to life and let go of the old world with all its rules and expectations.

I spent the weekend before the event painting egg cups in the Happy Life palette, to use for the kitchen table that I was due to style.

Colourful-table-styling-the-happy-life-trend-Little-Big-Bell Here is the table. The Happy Life is a room that is cheery and colourful, where everyone is welcome, and where the sun always seem to shine.

Pastel-table-styling-Little-Big-Bell Shapes are unexpected, childlike in their simplicity, reminiscent of a box of building blocks. Soft pastels are combined with bright accent colours, preventing sharp geometric shapes from appearing cool and impassive.

Colourful-table-styling-Little-Big-Bell The room is decorated such that a party could spontaneously break out at any moment. Smooth ceramics and glass are intertwined with playful patterns. Polka dots and confetti like cake or candy.

Sugary pastels are mixed with burnt caramel browns, like cookies and chocolate.

Those mint green linen placemats are from Designer’s Guild.

Pastel-chairs-Little-Big-Bell Mismatched wooden chairs were upcycled with a coat of chalk paint.

These were created by my friend Louisa Blackmore of West Egg interiors.

Westegg-painted-pink-chair-for-Little-Big-Bell Absolutely adore this candy pink chair against that caramel brown rose – the Happy Life palette.


What do you think? Does this table with its wave of colour, patterns and shapes reflect the joy and optimism of the brief?

Painted-wooden-kitchen-utensils-DIY-by-Little-Big-Bell  As well as painting egg cups in the required palette, I decided to decorate some wooden utensils and pots for the bright botanicals that are due to be displayed.

Colour-dipped-wooden-spoons-DIY-Little-Big-Bell These were easy to create, just use washi or masking tape to section off and paint with acrylics, peel off tape, then seal with decopatch glue.

The-Happy-Life-trend-joy-of-plants-red-magazine-Little-Big-Bell  Here is the Happy Life kitchen cabinet that I styled. Forget rules and expectations, why should cabinet doors be closed when hiding behind them are colourful rays of sunshine?

Why limit kitchen cabinets and surfaces to plates and mugs, decorate with books and accessories. If you have a cabinet that gets the sun, place your potted brights in there too.

Here I have decorated with Narcissus, Gerberas, Sunflowers and Kalanchoe.

Other beautiful Happy Life flowers you can use are Hibiscus and Guzmanias.


Happy-Life-trend-colourful-kitchen-Little-Big-Bell The painted egg cups were filled with Asparagus plant shoots and peppered throughout the table that I styled. That orange striped Prism cushion is by Kangan Arora and can be bought from Future and Found.

Ikea-hack-the-happy-life-trend-by-So-Klara-for-Little-Big-Bell As part of my mood board, I decided to have Ikea step stools upcycled in the trend’s colour palette. The stools were created for me by my talented friend Klara of So Klara.

Ikea-hack-step-stool-the-happy-life-trend-Little-Big-Bell The perfect stepping stools for the kitchen with their individual decorative styles, with the added bonus of being able to be used as plant display stands.

Plant-display-DIY-by-So-Klara-for-Little-Big-Bell Klara spray painted the stools in white, three coats I was told. She then painted them in acrylics. I am so loving the hints of chocolate mixed with pastels and brights.

Colourful-pot-DIY-Little-Big-Bell As well as styling the kitchen, I ran DIY workshops for 2 days at the event. I decided to upcycle pots with decorative effects. Here were some that I have created.

You can start by spray painting old terracotta pots in bright hues.

Colourful-flower-pots-DIY-Little-Big-Bell I then painted the pots in contrasting bands of colour, using acrylics followed by sealant.

Colourful-kitchen-plants-Little-Big-Bell I also demonstrated the technique of gold foiling at the workshop. Making simple geometric shapes on pots that instantly lifted the look. The gold foil shapes look great contrasted with the colour banded pots.

The Gold leaf technique is simple. Use washi tape to make your triangle, apply gilding paste, making sure you overlap paste over part of the tape edges and base of the pot. Leave to set for 15 mins, then apply the gold leaf sheet. Smooth over creases using a soft but broad brush and then tear out the tape. To protect, you can apply a thin layer of the gilding paste on top.

The purple houseplant above is Campanula, also part of the Happy Life trend.

Upcycle-pots-Littlle-Big-Bell Here are more images of what others have created. There was also a spray painting workshop on bottles at the event.

Geometric-shapes-on-pots-Little-Big-Bell As well as using sheets of gold foil leaf to decorate, gold foil paint can also be used to create your own desired patterns.

Hope you’ve enjoyed viewing how I have pulled together the Happy Life trend for the kitchen, playing with colours, shapes and happy botanicals.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

Little-Big-Bell-study Change is always good, so during the Bank holiday weekend, I decided to rearrange some of the prints in my workspace.

showler-and-showler-print-featured-and-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell I am featuring some of the new creative talents whose work now adorn my study.

This colourful raindrop print is by Showler and Showler. It instantly brightens up my room on a grey London day.

Stationery-by-Love-Luck-Kisses-and-cake-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell This gorgeous Hello card and ‘Brilliant ideas’ notepad is a sweet little gift from U.S based Katelyn Wood of Love.Luck.Kisses & Cake.

I better start thinking of some great ideas to jot down!

Colorful-gallery-wall-Little-Big-Bell So, two makers featured, do you see something else you like here?

Dog-print-by-Colleen-Shea-of-Perfectly-nice-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell My large Cat print has now been replaced with this cute dog all curled up on a mint coloured chair. The print is by the lovely Colleen Shea of Perfectly Nice.

I am now dreaming of a mint coloured Eames chair.

Famille-Summerbelle-house-storage-boxes-styled-andphotographed-by-Little-Big-Bell I’m sure you must have spotted these colourful house boxes in the photo above?

They are by Famille Summerbelle. They come as a set of four, in blue, pink, mustard and black. This is perfect to store away my styling props.

Fun to play with too. I’ve created a floral garden for them.


Sweets-for-my-sweet-print-by-Bryony-Fripp-photo-and-styling-by-Little-Big-Bell I have always admired this ‘Sweets for my sweets’ print by London based illustrator Bryony Fripp.

It brings back memories of boarding school, when we used to queue with our pocket money for the tuck shop, to buy those classic sweets – Fruit Salad, Drumsticks and Cola bottles.

Lemon-print-from-Basil-and-Ford-styled-and-photographed-by-Little-Big-Bell I am in favour of anything Citrus in shape or hue, so it wasn’t a surprise when I picked this lemon print out of Basil and Ford’s vast print collection.

Lemon-print-featured-on-Little-Big-Bell Another reason for me picking this, is that it reminds me of when I’m helping my son with his homework. It always ends with an ‘easy peasy lemon squeezy!’

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the minor changes I have made to my workspace and the introduction of the new creative talents I have recently come across.

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

Habitat-Birchbox-UK-Little-Big-Bell A few weeks back, I was invited to a wonderful dinner party co-hosted by Birchbox and Habitat. The dinner was catered from Social Pantry.

Usually when I go out to dinners full of new people, I can’t concentrate on eating, as I’m usually busy chatting.

However, the food was so amazing that I actually took note, and ate most of my dinner!

The company that evening was lovely too. I spent quite some time chatting to Jessica Diner, editorial director of Birchbox.

Birchbox is a beauty and lifestyle box that is posted out monthly, allowing one to try out new tester sized products. There is also access to exclusive editorial advice, helping subscribers get the most out of each item they receive.

After trying the tester sizes, full-sized versions can be bought online.

Birchbox-and-Habitat-Little-Big-Bell Each monthly Birchbox has a different design. The March box I received was a special collaboration with Habitat.

Inside was Benefit’s Roller lash, Catherine Malandrino’s style de Paris fragrance, Philip kingsley’s smooth cream, Tan Organic’s self tanning oil and Janjira’s Pomegranate & Acai facial scrub cleanser.

There were also 2 lifestyle elements in the box, a short novel by Penny Vincenzi and a notebook.

This collaboration was done to coincide with Habitat’s Spring Summer launch of their dressing  tables and beauty storage boxes.

Birchbox-UK-@stylewithjj-Little-Big-Bell So, here is Habitat’s beauty storage boxA gorgeous polished grey with an inner citrus orange. The box is layered with compartments.

This is my daughter Jojo’s own beauty collection. She was beyond excited when I brought home the storage box and all those Birchbox products.

Birchbox-UK-1-Little-Big-Bell You can see that Jojo @stylewithjj was already a big fan of Benefit’s roller lash mascara, being the proud owner of the full sized version.

Style-with-Jojo-make-up-in-Habitat-box The Birchbox concept is wonderful for her, as not only does she get expert make-up tips, but allows her to try the tester sizes before spending more pocket money.

Benefit-makeup-Birchbox-and-Habitat-Little-Big-Bell That storage box is looking quite full. I think I’ll have to visit Habitat soon to stock up on more.

This April’s Birchbox is a Laura Mercier special.

I’m off to subscribe!

Wishing you all a wonderful  Easter weekend.

EggsOnaShelf-mermag-for-minted Easter is soon approaching. So, I have rounded up some of the coolest Easter DIYs that are also easy to reproduce, for that last minute preparation.

I absolutely adore these dressed up Easter eggs on the shelf, by Merrilee Liddiard for Minted. A fun activity to do with the kids.

easter-craft-egg-decoration-mix-match-sculptures How cute is this group of Easter egg sculptures from Mr. Printables? Would be perfect to do with the family and great as decor for the Easter party table.

Easter-ombre-eggs-Craftberry-on-Little-Big-Bell Being a lover of colour, I was instantly drawn to these ombre watercolour eggs by Craftberrybush. If I have time this weekend, I might try my hand at this. It’s already making me feel happy just looking at the colours.

Rubber-band-dyed-easter-eggs-by-Chocolate-shavings-blog-featured-on-Little-Big-Bell These rubber band dyed eggs look amazing and so easy to create. Just add rubber bands securely and dye the eggs. Leave to dry, remove bands and there you have them, such pretty patterns. This was created by Our chocolate shavings for Style at Home.

advent-eggs-a-subtle-revelry Counting down to Easter for the kids couldn’t be any more fun than this, created by A Subtle Revelry.

Easter-Egg-Pinatas2 Pinatas are not only for birthday parties. Check out this cool DIY from Oh Happy Day. Sweet treats hidden inside naturally!

Easter-egg-layer-cake-from-Gunnysack I’m tempted to create this mini egg layer cake by The Gunnysack. Watch this space…..!

Easter-cupcakes-handmade-Charlotte Bunny cupcakes with little button noses. I just had to include this, it is so cute! Created by the talented Handmade Charlotte.

sharpie-easter-eggs-by-Walk-in-love-featured-on-Little-Big-Bell Such a simple idea but with such cool effect. All you need is a black Sharpie pen to create designs to your desire. This was created by Walk in love.

pineapple-easter-eggs-by-Studio-DIY-featured-on-Little-Big-Bell To celebrate impending warm weather as the clocks move forwards today, why not create some sunny pineapple eggs? This is by Studio DIY.

Hope you have enjoyed this. Wishing you a wonderful week and Easter.

Habitat-Sidney-corner-sofa-on-Little-Big-Bell Do you remember the first sofa you ever owned?

For me, it’s the fond, vivid memory of my bright blue 2 seater from Habitat.

The sofa was not the only piece I owned from there, as over time, a collection grew.

I remember how I used to anticipate the release of Habitat’s seasonal catalogue, it was then my trend bible.

So, it was with pleasure when Habitat asked me if I would review their new season’s sofas. I have picked four of my favourites.

The L shaped corner sofa above is called Sydney. I’m loving its understated elegance with clean, smooth edges and seat paddings that come in continuous pieces.

Great when placed together to make a guest bed or for snuggling up during family movie nights.

The pretty rug is called Manami, a perfect Spring update.

Habitat-cushions-2015-on-Little-Big-Bell-blog  A scatter of these cushions on the Sydney sofa would be the perfect icing on the cake.

Habitat-Kane-sofa-SS-2015-Little-Big-Bell-blog If this Kane armchair was a gentleman’s suit, I would say it’s very Saville Row, compact and perfectly tailored.

Habitat-vases-SS15lifestyle Both of the sofas I have chosen so far are of a neutral palette, but you can get them upholstered in a variety of fabrics and colours. Otherwise, brighten up with ceramics, of citrus hues, displayed in a nearby shelf. Habitat-CHESTERVINCE_SS15lifestyle The trend for mid-century modern has never really waned, in fact it is coming back in a big way.

I can still clearly remember the bidding wars on ebay for a Borge Mogensen leather sofa. I never really succeeded.

So, it was with excitement when I spotted this deep tan Chester leather sofa. Sure to become a classic itself, as the leather ages. It looks perfect set against that pale mint wall. Habitat-sofa-Spring-Summer-2015-on-Little-Big-Bell For a bachelor wanting to project a debonair feel, how about this look? ( saying this with 2 winks!). The sculptural copper table lamp oozes charm as it is set against the sheen of this sleek black Hyde sofa.

So that concludes my choices. Is there one that you really love or want? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Wishing you all a great start to your week.

(Product review for Habitat UK, all opinions are my own).

Mum-print-from-Jealous-gallery-and-print-studio-featured-on-Little-Big-Bell Today is Mother’s day in London. I had the most amazing surprise gift from my children this morning.

It was the ‘Mum’ print above that they bought from Jealous gallery and print studio.

It fits in perfectly with the colours of my workspace and so in line with my aesthetic. It makes me happy that I will be seeing this every time I sit at my desk.

As it is mother’s day today, I would like to introduce two very special guests.

First up is Jojo, my 14 year old daughter, who will be blogging with me today and possible monthly. You can find her on Instagram under the name @stylewithjj.

What makes me delighted about this, is that when I first set up Little Big Bell, the intention was to blog with my daughter. Her Chinese middle name means Little Bell, hence the name Little Big Bell. Me being Big Bell.

My second special guest is the talented artist Kristina Hultkrantz of Emma Kisstina, who has illustrated the contents of both Jojo and my handbag. She is one amazing lady and you will see what I mean soon. You can read all about her here.

A-doctor's-bag-Little-Big-Bell I recently purchased a bright pink Kate Spade Hayden, so when Kristina approached me to draw my handbag, I was most excited.

What do I carry in my bag? The stethoscope is unsurprising, since I am a full time doctor. However, I do tend to leave it at work most of the time.

Kate-Spade-Hayden-bag-1-Little-Big-Bell Here’s what I carry when I go to blogging events.

Missing, is my DSLR camera, which I was using. What’s wonderful is that the Hayden bag is big enough to accommodate it.

Bando-in-my-bag-Little-Big-Bell I am always in a rush, so early morning coffee on the go is essential. My coffee cup is from Bando.

I now carry a pink pen for a reason. I’m not sure why, but as doctors working within the Accident and Emergency department, the most commonly lost item is one’s pen. Perhaps it’s because all our pens look the same and so may be picked up by mistake.

So far, the pink pen has lasted a month and is still going strong.

What's-in-my-bag-Little-Big-Bell A portable mobile charger is essential for any blogger and I’m loving my pink and gold one.

I don’t wear my Pop and Fizz shoes at work, but I always keep a comfortable pair of flats I change into after work, as I do a lot of walking rather than driving.

Little-Big-Bell's-bag Here’s everything in my bag. Chanel lipsticks are my favourite and I was lucky to sample the new collections this season before they hit the market.

I’m also adoring my Bobbi Brown Pot rouge which can be used for both lips and cheeks.

Now, to reveal Kristina’s beautiful drawing of my bag and its contents.

Little-Big-Bell's-blogger-handbag-drawn-by Kristina-Hultkrantz How amazing is this? It only took her I believe, a day and a half to draw. I am so in love with it and can’t wait to receive my personalised print.

Kristina is able to do custom drawings of your bags and contents too. Here is the link to her Etsy shop.

Instagram-@stylewithjj-featured-on-Little-Big-Bell Now, to introduce my sweet teen, Jojo. I took this photo of her when we attended the London Fashion weekend catwalk shows. Jojo will be co-blogging here about teen fashion and lifestyle.

Toni-and-Guy-braids-on-@stylewithjj-featured-on-Little-Big-Bell Here’s her hair braided by the talented stylists at Toni and Guy during London Fashion week.

Anyway, without further ado, I hand the keyboard over to Jojo now to tell us about her handbag and its contents.

Teen-blogger's-bag-style-with-jj-featured-on-Little-Big-Bell-blog Thanks for the introduction! Hi, this is Jojo.

My pink Eau de Parfum bag is from Next. I think pastels are very much in fashion this season. As well as being useful, it is a super stylish accessory!

My Ted Baker purse again follows the pastel trend. The rose gold clasps on the purse are a favourite! Shimmer and shine was a predicted trend at the London fashion weekend catwalks, I saw a lot of Rose Gold.

My eos lip balm above is a no brainer to keep in my bag! It is one of my favourites for  fresh minty lips.

Next-Eau-de-parfum-handbag-and-Bando-Little-Big-Bell I always keep some kind of perfume in my bag and the Harajuki perfume is super cute with a sweet summer scent.  The girl’s pastel pink hair is also so cool!

Style-with-jj-handbag-print-by-Kristina-Hultkrantz-on-Little-Big-Bell It’s now back to Geraldine! Thank you Jojo for your short and sweet little post.

Here is the beautiful drawing that Kristina has done on my daughter’s bag and its contents. I was so excited when she sent me the two finished drawings. It is always such a pleasure to discover and promote amazing talents. Thank you so much Kristina.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post today. Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.

Shades-of-blush-Little-Big-Bell-shop Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today’s post is all about my favourite colours.

I am currently crushing on blush. When I say blush, I mean the spectrum from pinks to corals to a light golden orange.

In fact, those were the colours I used in my workspace refresh .

Behind my work desk is an empty space and blank wall. I am thinking of putting a sofa there. To get the perfect sofa will take time, I am thinking of one in a pastel hue. In the meantime, I thought I would explore the soft furnishings and accessories that could go with it.

I have curated a ‘Shades of Blush’ collection above from a group of talented, international makers. Everything is stocked in my shop and here are the details:

1. Practical Magic 02 is a large and beautiful fine art giclee print made by Duealberi. The colour palette is just so spot on. I can see this print on my wall, above the new sofa.

2. This Blush and wood geometric succulent planter by Sea and Asters would be perfect for my desk. I always find green plants around the work area creates a positive vibe.

3. The Light pink Origami lampshade by Tweelingen design is just so cute! I adore the contrasting bright yellow cord. I can visualise this lamp hanging low over the far edge of my currently imaginary, new sofa.

4. Since I am having a couch, I would need a blanket to snuggle up with. This Pink cloudy blanket in natural cotton, with neon orange stitching is simply dreamy and just the right colour tones to match the rest of my study. It is made in San Francisco by Happy French.

5+6. You can never have enough prints. So here are my favourite ones in blush and gold.  ‘Let Love lead’ and The Blushing Pineapple, both by Canadian maker Field Trip.

7. Last but not least, a pretty cushion to style my virtual sofa. I have picked Xavier & Me’s Abstract One cushion in a blush and yellow.

So, what do you think? Hope you like my curated collection. I will definitely show you my new sofa when I get it.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. Mine will be busy with numerous exciting collaborations to come. Can’t wait to show you.

Collage created in partnership with

So-Klara-painting-1-by-Klara Capouskova-featured-on-Little-Big-Bell When Klara Capouskova of So Klara sent me an image of her work, despite the small size of the photo, my eyes were instantly drawn to the colours and patterns.

I knew I had to see more.

So-Klara-1-on-Little-Big-Bell Her use of vibrant and happy colours were totally in tune with my aesthetic.

How convenient it was that she lived nearby, and so I was able to view her work in person.

So-Klara-painting-styled-and-photographed-by-Little-Big-Bell Klara has a background in fine art and counselling. Torn between doing an MA in Psychology and art, she finally chose to follow her creative dreams, and completed an MA in Textile Design.

However, Klara tells me that throughout her postgraduate studies, she was able to channel her passion for art and psychology in her textiles, to create pieces that exuded a vibrant energy.

SoKlara-Little-Big-Bell  As you can see, Klara entrusted me with her work. I was able to bring her portfolio home, to style and shoot at leisure.

The sense of grey and rain outdoors soon disappeared, as I photographed the colourful pieces, that radiated vibes both happy and positive.

I have styled the above two pieces of her paintings with my Marimekko ceramics, because I really feel that Klara’s work is the perfect fit for that brand.

I would so love to have a So Klara designed Marimekko mug.

So-Klara-wall-hanging-2-Little-Big-Bell Here you see my work space again. Adorning the wall is a sample fabric from Klara’s original painting.

The piece above is called Espagna. Klara tells me that this captures the memories of her trips to Spain.

She describes it as ” you might be taken back to the sunny beaches, the wonderful markets, the smiley people… it might even awake your sense of smell and touch, you can feel the sun rays on your skin, hear the seagulls on the beach and smell the oranges.”

So-Klara-Little-Big-Bell How therapeutic it must be to paint in these colours.

So-klara-wall-hanging-Little-Big-Bell Here is another fabric print of her painting, styled against my storage boxes from Hay, in similar tones of greens, blues, peaches and yellows.

So-Klara-silk-prints-1-on-Little-Big-Bell The title of this blog post mentioned talent and colour, both obvious, I’m sure you’ll agree.

What is the good cause?

Well, Klara has printed her beautiful artwork onto larger pieces of silk, measuring around 180cm  x 120cm.The silk pieces above are miniature versions of her larger pieces.

One of her large silk hangings will be exhibited in the Traditions Run Deeper than Law exhibition, from March 10-15th at the Red Gallery in London.

This large silk piece will be auctioned online to support Forward UK, an organisation committed to gender equality and safeguarding the rights of African girls and women against FGM and child marriage.

So-Klara-silk-paintings-1-on-Little-Big-Bell Here, I’ve styled her miniature silk wall hangings above my cushion filled, reading nook. Very colourful right? Just how I like it.

So-Klara-colourful-fabric-1-Little-Big-Bell Her fabric prints are so beautiful. You can use them to upholster furniture or even commission Klara to make them into cushion covers.

Colour-inspiration-Little-Big-Bell Great too as backgrounds for styled shots.


So-Klara-silk-art-styled-andphotographed-by-Little-Big-Bell So vibrant, so happy! If you are interested in seeing the large piece in person, do check out her exhibition soon. Also for a good cause, don’t forget there’s a charity auction.

Wishing you all a wonderful start to your week.

( All styling and photography are by Geraldine Tan of Little Big Bell)

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